Triple glazing will obviously be heavier than a standard three chamber system and may have difficulty dealing with the extra weight. That is one of the reasons Advanced manufacture a fully reinforced 5 chamber system which is more than able to cope. We have therefore, no hesitation in offering a full fifeteen year guarantee.
All Advanced conservatories are fitted with 44mm triple glazed units.
Condensation is caused by warm moist air coming into contact with a cold surface causing the moisture in the air to condense leaving the surface wet.44mm triple glazing will certainly achieve a far higher temperature on the inner pane of glass than any double glazed unit which will assist in reducing condensation. There are however many other factors to consider like ventilation, heating method, and many other life style choices which affect the amount of moisture present in any room at any time. It would therefore be dishonest for any company to claim that their window will completely eliminate condensation.
We are not the only company advising 40mm triple glazing. Triple glazing is the standard in northern Europe North America and Canada in fact all countries with a cold wet windy climate. For some reason most Scottish companies seem to be of the opinion that our weather is moderate and therefore that 28mm double glazing are good enough. We at Advanced don’t want to make windows that are just good enough we want to make the best.