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Conservatory: 9 ways to transform into a garden room

Traditionally, conservatories were a building attached to your home; it was a space to grow plants, commonly including space for socialising. Now, the difference between sunroom, garden room, orangery and conservatory has become blurred. Given the worst winter rainfall in 250 years, I believe it is now time that we gardeners took the conservatory back. […]

Conservatories: 4 questions about buying one answered

There are many different things to think about when buying conservatories. Like, do you need planning permission? What’s the right one to buy? In this short guide, we’re going to look at the four most common questions asked about conservatories, which will give you an insight into the benefits they can bring to your home. […]

Double Glazed Conservatories: how to chose the right one

An expert guide to buying a Double Glazed Conservatory These days, many homeowners decide to add a Double Glazed Conservatory to their house, as it’s more cost-effective than moving. It’s easy to see why Double Glazed Conservatories are popular; they let you make the most of your garden, whatever the weather. Double Glazed Conservatories: popular […]

Double Glazed French Windows: 5 Ways They Transform Your Home

Conservatories have become an important room in many people’s homes. Nonetheless, many homeowners complain that their conservatories are too hot or too cold or too noisy. However, conservatories windows have drastically changed. The old glazing used a few years ago have been replaced by double glazed French Windows. Double Glazed French Windows: How They Work […]

Reduce Your Heating Bills With Triple Glazing

Reduce Your Heating Bills With Triple Glazing. Nowadays, the cost of heating homes is becoming more costly one of the reasons why people are encouraged to enhance energy performance of windows. According to Energy Saving Trust, about 26% of domestic heat loss normally escapes via the window. When you install windows that are energy efficient, […]

Triple Glazing And Double Glazing Compared

Triple Glazing And Double Glazing Compared. Modern Triple Glazing is now coming into its own at the superior option to traditional Double Glazing. Triple and double glazing are both common window that offer their own benefits. Triple Glazing has been heavily marketed as the most economic option long term but Double Glazing is usually considered more […]

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