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If you are a little fed up with trying to keep up with the Jones’s, The Advanced group are pleased to offer something they probably won’t have – Loggia.

This is not just a conservatory, but a new concept that redefines the way we have all thought about conservatories in the past. The Loggia is like many iconic buildings created during the Italian Renaissance, which is where the inspiration for the Loggia has come. Many of those old buildings have stood through the times for two main reasons:

1. The rare design ingenuity
2. A total focus on longevity

Loggia GableThis is why we have taken a lot of the design elements and integrated them within the Advanced loggia. Loggia corner columns follow those same guiding principles, possessing a core strength which affords real strength and durability ensuring that your Loggia will also stand the test of time.

A Loggia is highly energy efficient and the columns are super-insulated and precision engineered, with a U-value of only 0.15 W/m2 Degree C. This makes them more than twice as energy efficient as a normal insulated cavity wall and up to 10 times more effective than typical window glazing.

A loggia will also help reduce your heating bills, which, within a typical conservatory can escalate very easily. The Loggia’s integrated radiant heaters fit seamlessly into the full height of a corner and each provides more than half the heat you will ever require during a harsh winter. On average, ten times more heat will escape

T shape Loggia

through windows than through a Loggia column, this is because of the high thermal performance of Loggia. On a Loggia, your heating costs will be reduced by almost two thirds meaning that your Loggia will pay for itself in essence.

With Loggia, nothing is left to chance. On the 90 degree corner columns, we input your postcode on our sophisticated analysis software U-design. Which will then calculate if additional structural support is needed and if so, seamlessly adds enhanced support where the columns integrate with the foundations.

Inside the Loggia, due to the construction, is just like a real internal room within a normal house and has a plastered finish just like traditional masonry.

Internal view of a Loggia

With a such a wide range of options and styles available including P shape Loggia, T shape Loggia and Gable Loggia to afford you the style of Loggia you want. Available in either large or small sizes to suit your building, there is also the option to mix or match to suit your chosen design and budget.

Loggia full height columns, are location dependent because of the additional structural steelwork which is required, but this will be anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity.

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