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500 Trustpilot Reviews and a Near-Perfect Rating!

Over the last 4-5 years, we have managed to receive 500 reviews from our fantastic and valued customers. These reviews have been almost exclusively positive, and we are proud of the near-perfect rating of 9.6/10 that we have managed to achieve. When we received our 500th review, a director from Trust pilot called us personally […]

The Advanced Group Winter Sale

The Advanced Group Winter Sale We hope you have had the chance to find out more about our unbeatable winter sale on all of our best double glazing, triple glazing and doors. We are so excited about the highly discounted sale pricing we have on our windows and doors plus the benefit of 4 years […]

Double glazing: 5 things you need to know about it

Some of us will remember when double glazing windows were all the rage and viewed as a luxury purchase, which not everyone had the finances to fit in their home. Nowadays, double glazing comes in almost all new build homes. Very few youngsters would think that their parents or grandparents sat shivering as ice gathered […]

Double Glazed French Doors: enjoy the oncoming winter

The summer is slipping away. Winter is coming. And it’s well-known that winter is the most hated season of the year. But, what if you could enjoy the winter months? Imagine you were able to take pleasure in the winter. Imagine watching snowflakes fall from your heated home or office. Well, with Double Glazed Double […]

Double Glazed Windows: 3 important things to know

For most homeowners, having Double Glazed Windows fitted is an important way to make your energy bills more affordable. Here, we look at the five most important things to know about double glazing. In this blog we’ll look at: What are the advantages of having double glazed windows? What styles of double glazing frames are […]

What are Casement Windows?

Casement Windows, also known as Standard Windows, are the most commons style of window fitted in most homes. These days they come as Double Glazed Windows or Triple Glazed Windows. They open the same way as doors: with a left or right side hinge one side and other side, the non-hinged side, locks into position […]

Double Glazed French Doors: An overview

Double Glazed French Doors will transform your room forever. They let natural light flood into your room. They create a bright and open living space. They you will change your home for the better. French Doors open up your room to your garden. They blur the boundaries between the outdoors and in, which in turn, […]

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