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Advanced Windows 26 Years of ExcellenceFor most homeowners, having Double Glazed Windows fitted is an important way to make your energy bills more affordable. Here, we look at the five most important things to know about double glazing. In this blog we’ll look at:

  • What are the advantages of having double glazed windows?
  • What styles of double glazing frames are available?
  • What is the Window Energy Rating system?

1) Double glazed windows: the advantages over single glazing

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated by a layer of air. Double glazing has many benefits over single glazing, which has just one pane of glass and no layer of air.

  • It keeps warm air in your house, which in turn, makes your property better protected from cold air; this leads to lower heating bills and fewer draughts. The average lifespan of double glazed windows is 20 years; which means you save between £1,500 and £2,000.
  • Double Glazing reduces noise from outside.
  • It reduces the condensation on the interior of your windows.
  • Double Glazed Windows increases security – the glass is less easy to smash than single glazing.

2) Double Glazed Windows: what kind of frames are available?

The most common kind of double-glazed window frame is uPVC (un- plasticised polyvinyl chloride). It’s three times cheaper than traditional wooden frames; it’s also recyclable, durable, and the most energy-efficient frame type.

UPVC frames come in many different colours and finishes, including wood. However, white is the most common. It is simple to clean, too, needing little more than a wipe down.

Other choices to uPVC are wood or aluminium. As it is a material that is naturally renewable, timber is a greener option than uPVC. Lots of individuals feel wooden windows look finer than uPVC, especially in period or traditional looking houses.

If properly looked after, they can persist for a long time while lumber windows are usually more expensive and need care.

3) Double Glazed Windows: the Window Energy Rating (WER) system

The Window Energy Rating system follows a comparable design to appliance energy labels. Windows being rated between A (the greatest) and G (the worst).

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