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Double Glazing Can Increase The Value of Your HomeMany people have discovered the benefits of using the double glazing in their home. Before we look at the advantages of installing double glazed windows, let’s explore the science of how it works.

Double Glazing: how it works

Double glazing is a simple technology that seals the two window panes together leaving an air tight gap between the glass. The gap is the insulator that keeps the heat inside your house when it is cold, and it also prevents the overheating of air when it is warm.

Double Glazing: save money while making money

UPVC is a great insulator, which helps make your home energy-efficient while reducing your gas and electricity bills.

Having an energy-efficient house with double glazed windows increases the value of the home. When it comes time to sell your home, having energy saving double glazed windows already installed will attract plenty of potential buyers.

Double Glazing: improved security

Potential buyers will also enjoy knowing, that with double glazed windows previously fitted, they are safer from crime.

Double-glazed UPVC windows are stronger than single glazing; this makes it difficult for a potential intruder to get inside your house.

Modern UPVC window security is essential for your home as it offer the highest specification in locking mechanisms. Moreover, it provides a range of special features that are now required by insurance companies to achieve a lower home insurance quote.

Double Glazing: longer lasting

Another benefit of using UPVC double glazed windows from the Advanced Group is that their double glazing is durable and require less maintenance.

Compared to timber windows, UPVC windows do not require to be treated to prevent the frame rotting, which leaves your double glazing looking good for a long time.

Buyers will also love the fact that to the upkeep of these windows requires minimal maintenance. So, if we use the example of selling your home again, replacing your old wooden windows with UPVC will help you to sell your house at a higher cost.

Double Glazing: different looks for different homes

Another bonus of using UPVC is the variety of styles it comse in. With an abundance of looksand designs available it is easy to find the type that right one for your house.

The Advanced Group have a wide variety of glazed windows of different designs, colours and sizes. Therefore, not only will your home look great, it will be worth more money too.

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