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Triple Glazing: is it worth?

When most people think of windowpanes, double-glazing is the first that comes to mind. The next thought is that double glazing is more energy efficient than one pane of glass. This is true. However, with energy costs climbing, we’ve reached a moment where double glazing is no longer enough. Is this the arrival of energy-efficient […]

uPVC Triple Glazed Windows: prepare for the winter now

With winter on its way, there is no better time to invest in Triple Glazing. What are Triple Glazed Windows and what are the advantages for homeowners? uPVC Triple Glazed Windows: what are they? Triple Glazed Windows are windows that possess three panes of glass. Having an additional pane of glass increases energy efficiency and […]

Triple Glazing Windows: 4 reasons why you should upgrade

Double and triple glazed windows: What is the difference? When it comes to triple glazed windows, this the first question people ask. Put simply, if fitted right, the extra window pane improves heat retention within the home. Moreover, it enhances home security. Energy prices are going through the roof. So, installing triple glazed windows can […]

Triple Glazing Windows: time to upgrade?

We all know that double glazing windows have two panes of glass so, I’m sure, it will come as no surprise that triple glazing windows come with three. Triple Glazing Windows: What’s the benefit of the additional pane? An extra pane increases energy-efficiency, safety and noise reduction. The fact that double glazed windows are an enhancement over […]

Triple Glazing Facts

Triple Glazing Facts. As the name suggests, triple glazed windows are made up of glass which includes up to three different layers. Some triple glazed windows include a double layered glass with a thin film positioned in the middle of these layers. This is a low emissive film. Triple glazed windows have been popular since […]

Triple Glazed Windows Help Reduce Noise Pollution

Triple Glazed Windows Help Reduce Noise Pollution. Windows are extremely important features of home and offices. When it comes to home renovations and improvements, deciding to have your windows replaced can save you money in the run. Yes, if you are intending to upgrade your windows you should definitely consider installing the triple glazed windows. […]

UPVC Doors Provide Better Security

UPVC Doors Provide Better Security. The security of any premise is paramount. The importance of this is to ensure that the property, documents and the people within the premise are fully protected. This is enhanced though ensuring that all entrant points to the premise can be secured effectively to ensure there is no unauthorized entry […]

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