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T Shape Conservatory

t shape conservatoriesT shape conservatories come in many styles including Georgian, Victorian and Gable. The T–shape style is always better on larger properties.

T Shape Conservatories the facts

The T shape conservatory is an adaptable style that allows for having two individual spaces within the one room. T shape conservatories will have the middle part pointing into the garden. This heightens the feeling of bringing the garden into the house and can also create a ‘porch effect’ at the back of the home. This can help to bring attention to your new polished French doors

This type of conservatory is not only a thing of beauty but it is also very practical for just about any house. The two most common styles of T–shaped conservatories are Victorian and Edwardian styles. One part of the T-shape normally runs along the length of the house with the other guiding into the garden. This style is better for bigger homes and can help to create extra space in the house especially for bigger families.

The T shape conservatories are better suited to greater houses and especially those that have larger backyards or gardens.

T shape conservatories usage

There are many different ways to use this style of conservatory. As there are two sections many people choose to use the bigger section as a dining area or to create more space in their main lounging area. Many people see the smaller section of the T as play area if you have children. Otherwise it can be used as a plant or garden area. As far as the smaller area of the T–shape goes you also have many options as this can be either single facet, three facet or five facet.

At Advanced we always strive to ensure that your new conservatory matches your home and leads to 100% satisfaction. However you choose to use your new conservatory we are sure you will be delighted with the extra versatility and space.

Yo find out if one of our t shape conservatories is ideal for your home contact the Advanced Group today,  you can do this by filling out a request a quote form on the website which will be sent direct to us here or by calling us free on 0800 316 7981!

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