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    About Advanced Group

    Founded in 1988 by Mark Watson, the Advanced Group has grown to become Scotland’s leading provider of uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories. When it comes to quality, no one else comes close!

    We fit thousands of homes every year, and customer service is at the heart of each and every job. In fact, well over half of our business comes from customer recommendations- which just goes to show what an outstanding service we provide. We work closely with every customer to find the best solution to fit your needs, and our design team will ensure that your new uPVC windows, doors, or conservatory perfectly match the style of your home. There’s so much on offer here at Advanced, because we want all of our customers to receive the very best. What’s more, since we have been in operation for 34 years now, we can afford to keep our prices as low as possible- you won’t find this sort of quality for less anywhere else.

    It’s not all about appearances, though. We use uPVC in our windows, doors, and conservatory installations because it’s one of the most durable materials around. uPVC stays strong and weatherproof even under the roughest conditions, which makes it the ideal choice for harsh Scottish winters. Even when a storm is raging outside, or if you’re snowed in, our uPVC windows and doors will keep your home warm and dry. We’ve also taken the groundbreaking step of bringing triple glazing to the masses. Our five-chamber profile and 40mm triple-glazed units take energy efficiency to a whole new level, helping you to save a fortune on your energy bills. That means our windows and doors end up paying for themselves in the long run, so why waste money on heating that you don’t need? Instead, it’s time to fight back- and that’s why you should work with Advanced Group to transform your home into a much more energy-efficient building. The environment- and your bank balance- will thank you!


    Our Team of uPVC Window and Door Experts Are the Best in the Business

    Our superior products are only one side of the story, though. The other secret to our success is the strong, dedicated team of employees, who always go the extra mile to provide our customers with an outstanding service. From our expert sales team, who know all there is know about our products, to our high-quality tradesmen who always fit our windows, doors, and conservatories perfectly, we couldn’t be prouder of the entire Advanced team. They all work hard to keep our customers happy, and guide you through the entire process smoothly.

    In fact, many of our team members have been with Advanced right from the start, and they bring that same dedication to all of our customers, too. It’s no coincidence that the number of recommendations we receive from customers continue to grow year after year, because we’re committed to being number one. Other window and door companies try to cut corners to increase their profit margins, but at Advanced, quality and attention to detail is the order of the day. All of our uPVC installations are built to last and come with a 15-year guarantee. When you work with Advanced, you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality service around- and that’s a promise!

    So, whether you want to make your windows and doors more energy-efficient, or you want to add a new conservatory or roofline to your property, Advanced Group is the number one choice. We’ve got everything you could possibly need, and we’ll fit these products for you at a price that just can’t be beaten. Whatever you need, be sure to get in touch today- and let us show you first-hand what makes Advanced Group so special.

    The Advanced Group

    The Advanced Group

    Here at the Advanced Group, we pride ourselves on offering the very best uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories around. For three decades now, we have been fitting stylish, energy-efficient uPVC products that not only look the part, but also save our customers plenty of money in the long run. What’s more, all of our work comes covered by a 15-year guarantee- a promise that’s remained unbroken since 1988. In that time, we’ve fitted over 1.5 million doors and windows- so why not discover for yourself what makes us so special!

    Why Choose Advanced

    • 15-year guarantee on ALL our installations.
    • 34 years of continuous trading- our track record speaks for itself.
    • Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen's number one choice for triple glazing and Double Glazing.
    • Scotland's number one choice for triple glazing

    Our Partners

    Our Partners

    The Advanced Group are pleased to be Camden Group business partners in central Scotland. Our 10 year contract means a long term supply of one of the latest design triple glazed frame on the market. They used their 28 years knowledge to design a high performance frame based on the need to Fit 3 layers of glass. Combine their knowledge with 18 million pound investment from the Irish government and we have products that work well in our ever changing climate.

    Huge Selection

    You Won’t Find A Better Selection of uPVC Windows and Doors Anywhere Else!

    Do you find that all through the winter, you’re constantly turning the heating up? It’s not your mind playing tricks on you- in many older homes, the temperature on your thermostat simply won’t match up with the reality. That’s because old windows and doors simply aren’t energy efficient, and a huge amount of the heat that’s being pumped into your home ends up flying straight through the glass and into the street outside. This is the main reason why so many people find themselves with extremely high energy bills.

    Our uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories, though, are different. That’s because we’re pioneers of using triple glazing, to go one step further than double glazing and give your home an extra layer of protection. Instead of allowing heat to pass out through them, our windows instead absorb it and bounce it back into your home so none is wasted. That way, you can stay warm and comfortable without cranking the heating all the way up- and that will end up saving you plenty of money on your energy bills!

    Customer Service

    Our Customer Service is Second to None

    How have we risen to the top of our industry? The secret is all down to our approach to customer service. Every member of our team, from salespeople to uPVC window and door installers, go the extra mile to ensure our customers always feel valued. We work closely with every customer to design the perfect solutions to their needs, and our high-quality products give incredible value for money. We also put our money where our mouth is with our guarantee, so that if you need any repairs or replacements, you won’t have to pay anything extra for the privilege.

    The results of our customer service policy speak for themselves. In fact, 70% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals, which goes to show how satisfied people are with the high standard of service we provide. Through hard work and dedication over the last 31 years, we’ve turned Advanced Group into a major success story. The majority of our core team have been with Advanced from the very beginning, making us more than your typical windows and doors company. We go one step further to bring a real passion for our work to every project- just one of the reasons why tens of thousands of customers keep coming back for more!

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