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Bifold Doors Glasgow

Bifold Doors Glasgow

Advanced Groups bi-folding doors offer versatility, style, and security and are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. These high quality sliding doors will blend in perfectly with both your indoor living area and your outdoor spaces.

Looking for bi fold doors Glasgow? If you’re eager to improve your home, bi fold doors are a fantastic choice.

Bifold Doors Glasgow

Our bi-fold and sliding doors feature both a sliding and folding opening ability which gives you the maximum space and easy access to the property. Our Bi-fold doors are designed for a wide array of applications, including bi folding patio doors, but also doors suited for home extensions, room dividers, conservatories, entrance doors, and conversions.

All the Advanced Group’s bi fold door options provide,


  • Style
  • Sash and Frames reinforced by steel
  • Sustainable Design Standards and manufacturing techniques
  • High Security Locks
  • And a 15 year performance guarantee

Advanced Group have provided its services to Glasgow City and Central Scotland for over 34 years.


About Bi Fold Doors

Our bi-fold and sliding doors possess a superb design and are manufactured to blend in perfectly with both indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only will they add additional character to your home, but they also provide incredible security given their durable nature and strength.

We offer multiple door pane options to ensure there is always a door style to suit both the look of your home as well as to meet both size and space requirements. It’s possible to replace whole walls with bifold doors, allowing for maximum natural light exposure and fantastic views of your garden or the surrounding area. Our bifold doors have a slim profile as well, which helps to ensure you will get the most natural light.

Our top quality aluminium bi fold doors are lightweight and versatile. This ensures they are easy to operate and furthermore, versatile.

We offer a huge range of colour finishes and styles. This means you can get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your bi folds.


Opening Facility – Fold and Sliding Doors

Bi fold doors feature either one or two ‘master panes’. These move independently of the folding facility and windows. The panes can be folded and moved across a roller track giving full access when the doors are fully open. The door panels are fitted into the frame on a double track roller system. Not only does this provide excellent strength, but it ensures there is always work consistently.


The Benefits of Bi Fold Doors

There are many advantages you can get from a bi fold door installation.


Maximum Space

One of the biggest benefits you can derive from bi-fold doors is the sense of space. Unlike traditional patio doors, bi-folding doors lack the standard barriers and provide an uninterrupted view when closed. When open fully they create an even more distinct effect, as they reduce the sense of division between the home and garden – creating an incredible sense of space.


Low Threshold

Low threshold bi fold doors have equal floor finishes both inside and out. This means that there is an improved appearance of ‘one space’. It also significantly improves the accessibility.


Enhanced Natural Night

Another major advantage of bi-folding doors and windows is the improved light. Opening up your home with patio bi fold doors, especially when connected to your garden, can instantly transform the appearance of your home.


Energy Performance – Thermally Efficient Bi Fold Doors

Our bi fold doors can do a huge amount to help reduce your energy bills.

Advanced Groups aluminium bi fold doors are designed to meet the sustainability requirements of the climate and reduce energy lost. To ensure this, our aluminium bi fold doors use multi-chambers and thermal breaks. This means the door will trap any warm air – which ensures that the warmth from your central heating will remain in your home and not be flooding out – a huge problem with older designs.

Furthermore, we offer a range of options when it comes to the glass of the doors. We supply both double (with options for both 28mm to 40mm) and triple glazed designs. A standard feature of all the glazing we manufacture is our high-performance Soft Coat glass. This helps to reflect internal heat back inside of the home, while also improving absorption of heat from the outside. With u-values of 1.6w, our bi-fold doors can provide exceptional insulation.

As a result, you’ll find yourself far less cold during the winter. The improved comfort is only one of the benefits you can reap from this superb thermal efficiency. By keeping your home warmer for longer, you won’t be as reliant on your central heating – meaning you’ll be able to reduce both your heating bills and cut down on carbon emissions.


Security and Durability

Bi folding doors do not just improve the appearance of your home but can bolster its security.

Our bi-fold and sliding doors are built from tough materials. The 70mm aluminium profile, reinforced with steel ensure not only top-quality mechanical performance but also excellent strength.

This includes not just the frame, but the top-quality multi-point locking systems and excellent gearings, which are a standard feature of our bi-fold doors folding panes. The multi-point locking systems are furthermore devoid of any easy to exploit weak points which can be exploited by a would-be intruder. Other features include deep throw hooks, sturdy hinges, and anti-lift bars to further increase the security of your home.

These also help to guarantee superb security for your home – capable of withstanding forced entry attempts even from a determined intruder. The mix of premium quality materials and the high-level manufacture process ensures an incredible degree of security.

To further improve your security, you can even choose for your glazing to use a laminate option.


Made to Measure Bifold Doors Glasgow

The Advanced Group prides itself on the bespoke, showroom quality of its doors. We offer a wide array of options and styles. This means no matter what kind of home or property you have; our service will be able to create the perfect bi fold door frames for you at an affordable price.

The aluminium material our doors are made from is flexible, versatile, and easy to put together in any shape or to fit any size aperture. This includes corners. Bi-folding doors can be manufactured to just about any size requirement, with sizes ranging from a width of 500mm to as wide as 1200mm. You can also choose how they open and close, with different options for sliding doors as well. Panel size, style of locks, and

There is also a wide array of options for thresholds. These include special low threshold choices to maximise ease of access.

We can offer expert advice on the best choice of bi-fold doors for you, and with over 34 years of experience installing and constructing aluminium bi folds, doors, and windows, we can offer customers an incredible amount of help.


Colour Options

It is easy to personalise aluminium doors with a wide range of different colour choices available. The Advanced Group offers a wealth of bespoke RAL colour-coated finishes for aluminium windows and doors, which means you can find the exact aesthetic you are looking for. Some of the RAL colours we provide include white, black, grey, brown, cream, and silver grey.

Options for Furniture and Hardware

A standard feature of all the doors we supply are stainless steel wheels mounted on a double-track roller system. These are designed to ensure a smooth, consistent operation.

Alongside colour choices, our aluminium bi fold doors have a wealth of furniture choices as well, such as standard lever handles and pop out handles (which are flush against the frame for aesthetic value).

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