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Composite Door Edinburgh

Composite Door Edinburgh

If you are looking for high performance external doors that will maximise thermal efficiency and security whilst providing a stylish and attractive entrance to your Edinburgh home, composite doors from The Advanced Group are the ideal choice.

For many years, uPVC doors have been the go too choice for Edinburgh property owners, and these doors are by far the most common external door type found across the whole of the UK.

In recent times, however, composite doors have taken the industry by storm, outperforming uPVC in almost every way including durability, weather resistance, energy efficiency, security, and much more besides.

When you choose from Advanced’s huge range of high quality composite doors, you will be guaranteeing that your home has the wow factor for decades to come, with over 15 different styles, colour options, and finishes available.

All the products in our composite door range are created from the most structurally secure materials, protected by a superb 15-year performance guarantee, and fitted by highly trained expert installers with many years of experience behind them.
Composite Door Edinburgh

Advanced Composite doors Edinburgh

  • Enhanced security
  • Industry leading materials
  • Superb energy efficiency ratings
  • 70mm profile for maximum weatherproofing and durability
  • Huge range of styles
  • 15-year guarantee on all composite door installations

What are Composite doors?

Rather than being constructed from a single material such as is the case with a uPVC or traditional timber door, composite doors are constructed from several, bonded together to create a stronger and superior final product.

PVC, wood, and polyurethane insulating foam are pressed together around a solid timber wood core and coated by a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) door leaf, combining all the benefits of each material into a one single high performance final unit.

uPVC front doors have served Edinburgh well over the years, but whilst they are still impressive in terms of durability and customisability, they are just no match for composite doors when it comes to thermal efficiency and security features.

Benefits of modern composite doors

Highly energy efficient

When looking to replace your external doors, energy efficiency is right at the top of your priority list.

With the current energy crisis in the UK making retaining heat vital to keeping your energy bills under control, is it essential that your front door is well insulated and keeps heat loss to an absolute minimum.

A new composite door is unrivalled in this regard, significantly outperforming uPVC when it comes to thermal efficiency.

At Advanced, all our composite doors are fitted with multi-chambers within the profile of the door itself that act as a barrier between your home and the outside world, keeping warm air in and cold air out.

In addition, the polyurethane foam within our composite doors are a fantastic insulator and by combining these technologies we have created a range of composite doors that achieve a ‘Global Warming Potential’ score of below 5 and a ‘Ozone Depletion Potential’ score of 0.

Composite doors from the Advanced Group will help you keep your home warm for less this winter, ensuring that none of the heat produced by your home heating system goes to waste.

Unrivalled Security

Composite doors offer unrivalled security and durability, helping keep your home and loved ones safe and secure at all times.

All being well, you will never have to go through the experience of someone attempting to break into you home, but if the worst happens it is essential that your entrance door acts as a powerful barrier between you and a would-be intruder.

Added security is one of the key reasons that savvy homeowners are making the switch to composite doors, with a thicker provide and dense combination of polyurethane foam and solid timber core making it extremely difficult for an intruder to gain access.

Backing up the strength of the materials used in our composite front doors, all our units are fitted with a multi point locking mechanism and reinforced hinges to create the perfect door for those serious about protecting their property.

Weather Resistance

If you live in the Edinburgh area you know just how unpredictable the weather can be and your new door must be built to withstand the most volatile of conditions.

The 70mm profile featured in all our composite door styles makes them some of the most durable on the market, with a double rebate design featuring both an internal and external seal keeping the wind, snow, and rain at bay throughout the very bleakest of Edinburgh winters.


Customisation Options

Your front door is the first thing that a visitor will see when they arrive at your property, plays a major role in determining the overall aesthetic of your home, and is a fantastic opportunity to express your sense of style.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers find their perfect front door and to ensure this is possible have developed a massive range of door designs and glass design options.

From traditional wood effect finishes that perfectly match the aesthetic of some of Edinburgh’s oldest properties, to contemporary modern composite doors in tones such as duck egg blue, we have everything that you need to create a stunning grand entrance to your home.

Many of our composite doors can be fitted with 50mm triple or 28mm double glazing panels available with custom hand crafted designs to add that final touch to your dream door, expressing your personality and sense of style without compromising on security or thermal efficiency.


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The Advanced Group have been providing industry leading windows and doors to customers in Edinburgh for over 35 years.

From French doors or bi fold doors in your extension to the very latest triple glazed windows, all our products come with a superb 15 year guarantee and a number of 0% APR zero deposit finance options.

When you choose from our range of wonderful composite front doors, you can rest assured that you will receive the very highest standard of service throughout the installation and will be left with a quality final product that will help you reduce your carbon emissions and protect your home in the decades to come.

To arrange for a free survey from one of our expert installers of for more information about any of the products that we have available, get in touch with our expert team now on 0800 473 4141 or fill out the contact form below.

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