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Advanced Windows 26 Years of ExcellenceAdvanced Windows 26 Years of Excellence. Are your windows broken? Have your windows become inefficient? Ensuring that your windows are energy efficient and properly installed is important to the efficiency of your entire home. Incorrectly fitted or inefficient windows could cost you in excess energy bills. Poor quality windows can also be a security risk. If there is one thing you invest in in your home, it should be your windows. Ensure that your home is efficient and safe with Advanced Windows.

Advanced Windows Provide Exceptional Quality Products…

Advanced Windows 26 Years of Excellence. Advanced Windows supply and install windows and conservatories. Double glazed windows offer a reasonable energy efficiency. They come with UPVC, wood or steel frames. The Advanced Window exterior has been designed so as to look as natural as possible. Advanced Windows offer the option of casement windows, tilt and turn windows, slider windows and French windows.

Triple glazing. The triple glazed windows are up to one and a half times more energy efficient than the double glazed windows. As well as energy efficiency, the triple glazed windows are also a lot more secure, as well as noise proof. The triple glazed windows are also available in the Advanced Window natural looking exteriors. The windows are again available in casement windows, tilt and turn windows, slider windows and French windows.

Conservatories. A conservatory is a brilliant investment for any home. It’s a cost efficient way of creating extra space in your home, and is considerable cheaper than an extension. A conservatory will also add value to your home. The conservatories can be made of either double or triple glazing.

Energy efficiency. What makes Advanced Windows so energy efficient? When building the windows themselves, there is a spacer bar that holds the glass apart within the window. Advanced Windows use a carbon fibre spacer bar as opposed to a metal one, which conducts the cold more than the carbon fibre alternative.

The triple glazed windows are filled with 95% Argon gas, which is denser than air. This means it slows down heat loss and reduces cold gain. The external panes of glass have been coated in semi-precious metal particles. To the human eye it just looks like clear glass. These particles work by bouncing heat back into the house. In a heated house, the glass will actually feel warm to the touch. This also equates to less condensation inside the house. The centre glass pane has been toughened so as to resist the changing temperatures more readily. This also increases the glass’ durability. This kind of superior insulation is well worth the investment. These cutting edge energy efficient windows have the potential to save you a huge amount on your energy bill, not to mention the effect on the environment. By reducing your heating costs dramatically, Advanced Windows will actually pay for themselves.

Advanced Windows Experienced Installers…

Installation. Advanced Windows have expert workman who can make your window fitting process as easy as possible. From start to finish. With expert craftsmanship, Advanced Windows can make windows specifically designed for your home, and have them completely installed for you. Advanced windows have an exceptional reputation for outstanding workmanship and customer service around Scotland.

For energy efficient, security tight, aesthetically pleasing and expertly installed windows Advanced Windows is the place to go.

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