Double Glazed Windows: 3 ways they help the environment

Double Glazed WindowThese days, people are becoming more aware of how their lifestyle impacts on the environment, be it flying long-haul flights, driving too much, or eating too much red meat. The list is endless.

The thought of making wholesale changes to your life to help fight something as significant as climate change is overwhelming.

But remember, small steps can lead to real changes in the world. And, by having double glazed windows fitted in your house, you are a making a move in the right direction.

Here are some ways that double glazing help to protect the environment.

1) Double Glazed Windows reduces heat loss

Houses lose lots of heat through their windows and doors. However, energy-efficient glazing double glazing reduces this.

Double Glazing is two layers of glass with insulating gas trapped in between them. Not only does this act as a shield against cold weather, it means you use less heating, which in turn reduces your energy bills while helping the planet. Double glazed windows reduce carbon dioxide emission to up to 680kgs per year.

2) Double Glazed Windows reduce draughts

Having double glazed windows fitted correctly will decrease draughts in your home, too. Also, you will reduce the build up of condensation inside your home.

3) Double Glazed Windows improve ventilation

Not only are double glazed windows effective at preserving heat during the winter months, they can increase ventilation during the summertime. By fitting tilt and turn windows in you home you can let fresh air circulate, which means you don’t need to use cool air fans or air conditioning.

Double Glazed Windows: act right, look good

As we said earlier, installing double glazing is a small but significant step in helping fight climate change.

Not only does double glazing make your home more energy efficient, it also improves the look of your home. It comes in lots of different finishes, uPVC, mahogany and oak veneer, to name a few.

The next step

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