Double Glazed Windows: 4 Signs You Need New Ones

Double Glazed WindowsDouble Glazed Windows are the gateway to the world that our ancestors lived in for generations. For most of human history, our species has spent time outside under the shade of trees or directly in the sunlight. This exposure was often less comfortable than the things that we enjoy today, but windows provide us with the best of both worlds. We can see the visual stimulation of what is going on outside, but we are enjoying the temperature from inside.

Should you replace your Double Glazed Windows?

There are still some practical things to discuss when it comes to double glazed windows, though. For the vast majority of people who are getting new windows, it is important to do so with the right mentality to have the best results. Some people don’t want to get new windows at all even when it is obvious to professionals that it is a good idea. For many reasons, you should look at these signs to make sure you are not in need of something new.

4 Main Signs You Need New Double Glazed Windows

There are some main signs that you need new windows. In this list, you’ll get an idea of what you need to do.

First sign that you need new double glazed windows

Window trim rot or cracking – If you spot some window trim that is starting to rot or crack, you have a defect that is already needing to be fixed. Usually, this is a sign of water damage, and the window frames can have mold and other problems that lead to the degradation of the entire structure. It is not often useful to try to paint over this as some people do. Instead, it is a good sign that you need to get the windows replaced.

Second sign that you need new double glazed windows

Windows are not fully insulated – Most of the time, windows should be at a relatively even temperature. If they are warm in the summer and exceptionally cold during winter months, you might have a window that isn’t functioning properly. You want to make sure that they are always properly insulated or else they are most likely not doing the work that you are trying to have them do.

Third sign that you need new double glazed windows

Drafts coming through – Closed windows are easily tested for drafts. Just take a candle, walk by the window and see where the candlelight flickers. You will see where there are some drafts and how strong they are. These spots can be examined more thoroughly, and you will find that this is often caused by some frame rot. Moisture is the father of mold growth, which will deteriorate the quality of your entire window.

Fourth sign that you need new double glazed windows

If the window sticks open – If the window cannot stay open without a prop of some type, it’s a sign that the house setting or the pressure on the window is changing. That could have to do with weather and might be temporary, but it is still something that will change how well the window works. If it is structural fix it!