Double Glazed Windows: how they’re made

Double Glazed WindowsIn this article, we’re going to look at how double glazed windows are made.

What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows are windows that have two sections of glass with a space between them; they reduce heat loss and external noise.

Most of the time, double glazed windows are made up of three parts:

1) the frames;
2) the sill;
3) the glass.

1) Double Glazed Windows Frames

In recent times, the most popular material used for double glazed window frames is UPVC.

uPVC frames are the most cost effect option in the market. However, they are excellent insulators and are almost maintenance free. You are no longer limited to white uPVC, you can also have a wood finish, too.

The frame comes separate from the sill, which is the shelf at the foot of the window opening. Silicone is run across the top of the window sill and then the frame is sat upon it.

At the bottom of the frames, are drainage holes; any water that infiltrates the frame run out of these holes and off the sill.

These days, the most popular type of glass is the heat retaining insulated range. This glass enhances the look of your home, it is energy-efficient and it’s suitable for most uPVC, Aluminium and timber frames.

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