Double Glazed Windows. What’s in The Gap?

Double Glazed WindowsDouble Glazed Windows. What’s in The Gap? More often, you hear quite a lot about double glazing or rather double glazed windows. Double glazing over time now has become so popular and most importantly more readily available to people building new homes or renovating.

What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed window unit entails two panes of glass with a space/vacuum in between them. The intent of creating insulation between the two panes is to give it an insulation property which is apparent in preventing heat loss or gain through the window. Prevention of heat loss or gain happens because air temperature lacks the medium through which it can penetrate through.

How do double glazed windows work? The insulation between the two panes of glasses is a poor conductor of heat and therefore prevents heat particles from colliding. The inability of heat to move enables the house retain heat since no heat is gained from or lost to outside. In some glazed windows, instead of filling the space with vacuum, nitrogen or argon gas is used. This is simply because, these two gases are denser than air and hence they move slowly transferring heat at a very low rate. To increase the strength and safety of the glass, it’s usually laminated using a clear substance which helps in cutting down the penetration of UV radiation.

Benefits of using Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows. What’s in The Gap? Prevention of heat loss or gain. This being the sole purpose of glazing windows; double glazed window prevents the loss of heat by more than 50%. The drastic reduction in heat loss means less money needed in maintenance of desired temperature in the building. This is so because money that could have been spent on fuel and electricity is now saved for other uses. During cold season, your room remains warm and comfortable as the only heat circulating through will be that emitted by your bodies and from the sources of heat within the building.

Improves carbon footprint and environment. Being in charge of our own environment, it’s up to everyone to ensure that their activities do not harshly harm the environment. Many scientists recommend the use of equipments that does not emit/ emit less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Double glazed windows do not emit any gas at all. Therefore keeps your home fresh and free from impurities such as carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases. In saving the fuel consumption, it gives room for more productivity in other sectors that rely on fuel for them to be operational. Double Glazed Windows. What’s in The Gap?

Acts as a sound proofing. The vacuum between the two panes not only acts as insulation, but also prevents sound from penetrating through. The only noise will be that originating from the house and not from outside. This quite environment gives you peace of mind and sobriety to do anything you feel like without interference from outside.

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