Double Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns

Double Glazing For Rental PropertiesDouble Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns. Windows are person’s insight into the outside world. The bigger they are they provide households with more light, but the side effect when having large one-pane windows is in the amount of the heat that leaks through them. Some surveys have shown that around 60% of the heat escapes our homes through windows, even when they are closed.

Double Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns. In the era when energy efficiency makes up for a significant amount of our money, which we can use in other purposes, energy protection is the most significant aspect when buying or renting a house. This is especially important for buy-to-let market where landlords need to take special care of preparing the houses to be competitive and attractive for future house owners or users.

Double Glazing Can help Win Those Higher End Tenants For Your Rental Property…

Aiming to support energy-efficiency and heat saving, Advanced Group has specialized in double-glazing. This process assumes putting two window glass panes with space between them, instead of one. In this way, the house is more energy efficient and more attractive for potential buyers or tenants. However, one needs to be very careful when deciding to put this sort of double glazing to have installed. If the job is not executed with the highest professional standards, the result can be horrible and far away from appealing for your potential buyers or tenants.

Namely, if the panes are poorly installed and if the windows are not airtight, condensation may appear. Imagine concious clients coming to see the house, and all they see through magnificent, large windows are water drops captured between the panels. That would be disaster for any sale or rental!

Installing Double Glazing Allows You To Charge A Premium Rent…

Double Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns. The safest way to provide the property with double-glazing of the highest quality is to turn to the professionals in this field. The Advanced Group is the leader in windows’ business. UPVC windows with double glazing that are part of our offering are of the guaranteed quality, and are customized to suit the needs of the property in question. Our team are specialised in the manufacture and installation of  these windows an will provide you with the most professional service, regardless of the size of the frame where they are putting the windows.

You can choose from numerous colours and effects offered by the company to suite the setting of your property in the best possible way. Our ranges include a vast scope of window styles such are Casement Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows, Sash Windows and many others. All these styles, forms and colours have been developed over time, using the experience of the satisfied customers all around the country.

Double Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns. Your tenants will appreciate the aesthetic value these windows are adding to the property, but more importantly, you will be able to achieve a premium rental income or sale value due to the quality you are offering. Your tenants will not be afraid of losing the heat from the property and they will save money from heating in long-term perspective.

Double-glazing windows are often seen as a necessary addition to a rental property with most tenants willing to pay more if needed. Energy efficiency combined with modern and elegant look are of the highest value among the property’s characteristics when people are deciding which rental property to occupy. Double Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns.

Double Glazing Can Increase Buy To Let Returns. In many cases it has be proven that double panes = double returns. So, what are you waiting for? Come to The Advanced Group and let us help you in warming up your buy-to-let property for great returns!

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