Double glazing: five reasons why you should install it now

Double glazingNew double glazing by the Advanced Group will make a real difference to your home. Here are five reasons why you should have double glazed windows installed:

  1. It will help lower your energy bills
  2. It will stop your windows fogging up
  3. It will modernise the look of your home
  4. It will replace rotting frames
  5. It will reduce noise pollution

1) Double glazing will help you lower your energy bills

The Advanced Group’s double-glazing units will contribute to reducing your energy bills.

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass insulated by a layer of air between. This makes your home better protected from the elements.

Here a some of the ways double glazing reduces your energy bills:

  • Double glazed windows hold hot air in your home.
  • Double Glazing protects your house from the cold air outside
  • As the average lifespan of double glazed windows is 20 years, you can save between £1,500 and £2,000.

2) Double glazing will stop your windows fogging up

Over time, the seals on old double glazed windows can give up. This means the gas that helps minimise the transfer of heat across the unit leaks out.

If the above happens then the windows fog, which in turn ruins your view. This one reason alone makes replacing your old glazing worth it. Have a stunning view from your window (or being able to see out!) is priceless.

There are DIY ‘re-sealing’ units you could now buyYet for double-glazing. Yet, they are expensive to buy. Remember: this a short-term fix. The condensation within the double glazing unit may seem to go away, but give it a month or two and it will come back.

3) Double glazing will modernise the look of your home

We have all heard the cliche: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people adore their uPVC windows. However, over the last couple of years, wooden frames and others are going to need to rip them out.

More people are replacing old uPVC double glazing with aluminium and wooden frames. At the moment, wooden glazing goes down well with prospective buyers. While we can not promise that it will raise your house value, it may help get you sell it quicker.

4) Double glazing can replace rotting frames

If they are rotting, then this is the most important reason to replace your double glazing. Wood rot not only looks bad, but it also causes draughts. On top of that, they can also make your windows dangerous.

5) Double glazing will reduce noise pollution

Outside noise can become stressful. Nothing interrupts a good night’s sleep more than sound from the street outside. As double glazing has two window pane, it helps to blocks out external noise.

Double glazing: the next step

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