Double Glazing – Is It Time to Replace Your Windows

Double Glazing - Is It Time to Replace Your WindowsIs it Time to Replace Your Double Glazing. With so much benefits of using UPVC windows, it is the right time to upgrade from wooden windows to UPVC windows. But if you are still using double glazed units, you should think of upgrading to triple glazed units. When properly installed, double glazed units can last up to 20 years. But although UPVC windows are easy to maintain, they can reach a state where they need replacing. If you are wondering if you should upgrade, replace or improve your windows, here are some signs to look out for:

Misting Up. Misting refers to the formation of water droplets between panes. It is a sure sign that the window unit was not properly installed, or it has lost it integrity due to age. It can also be caused by extreme weather conditions such as wind and heavy rain. Some cleaning products may also hasten deterioration of the window causing misting.

What misting can do? Misting causes an unpleasant layer of condensation to form in the double glazing unit. Among other benefits of UPVC windows is that it gives your house slick and modern look. Apart from ruining the aesthetic value of your house, misting obscures vision through the window. It can also hamper the ability of your window to act as an effective barrier against outside elements and weather.

Replacing Your Double Glazing is Usually The Best Option…

Solution. The simplest and most economical solution is to replace them. Fortunately, if the frames are intact, it is only glasses that will be replaced.

Feeling draughts. This problem can be remedied quite easily, but most of thetime the double glazing are replaced. The common causes of draught is bent hinges, loose handles, rivet or screws.

Upgrading. If you are still using wooden or double glazing windows, it is the high time you should upgrade to triple glazing windows. Triple glazing windows has high energy efficiency- the energy efficiency of UPVC windows is measured using U-value. Some of the reasons you should replace your double glazing windows are;

Upgrade Your Inefficient Single Glazing to New Efficient Double Glazing…

Single gazing windows has a U value of 5, the older double glazing windows 3, the modern double glazing has a U-value of 1.6, while the triple glazing windows have a u-value of 0.3. This makes it an excellent insulator. When using triple glazing windows, you can reduce energy loss by more than 45%. Triple glazing windows are also very durable- they are fire and weather resistant. They are tough, strong and resilient- impervious to impact damage and also resistant to scratches. Triple glazing windows are sound retardant- ideal for home, schools, hospitals, offices, buildings, and any other relevant places where people need silence.

You can save cost by having you windows replaced by a reputable company. Windows are big investment, and there is no reason you should not let a reputable company that will successfully complete the project professionally and on time.

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