Efficient Double Glazing – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Efficient Double Glazing - Reduce Your Carbon FootprintReduce Your Carbon Footprint with Efficient Double Glazing. All substances lose heat. The same case applies to the houses that lose heat via their windows. Therefore, installing effective and energy efficient double glazing windows is the ultimate method of reducing your energy bills. In addition, it will keep your home quieter and warmer. As you already know, a large percentage of electricity used at residential and commercial properties is from sources that emit excessive carbon to the atmosphere.

Efficient Double Glazing Reduces Energy Costs…

Effective double glazing window panes use mainly two sheets of glass. The gap between the glasses creates the insulating barrier. This makes it possible to deliver high levels of energy efficiency. In between the gap, the space may be filled with either a heavy inert gas like Xenon, Argon, Krypton or a vacuum. All these methods try to create more efficient insulation barrier. Scientifically, this is known to increase the R-value. The R-value is a measure of the thermal resistance.

Effective double glazing windows are available in wide range of frame materials that include traditional wood and uPVC. In addition, they come in a variety of styles giving building owners an opportunity to choose the style that matches their personality. It is important to note that these types of windows vary in energy efficiency. This is dependent on how they are able to stop heat from passing through the window, air leakage, and amount of sunlight that travels through the window. Efficient Double Glazing – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. The Advanced Group uses energy rating scheme in order to show how efficient our products are. This is not different from what you have probably seen on various electrical appliances such as washing machine, or fridge.

You should note that Efficient Double Glazing windows are not made from any type of glass. Rather, they are made of the low emissivity glass. This has unnoticeable metal oxide coating coats one of the internal panes – adjacent to the gap. This is designed to let in heat and sunlight but reduces amount of heat that escapes out. This results to a warm atmosphere conditions in the house. This helps you save reduce your energy consumption and therefore reducing carbon footprint.

Enjoy Efficient Double Glazing With The Advanced Group…

Efficient double glazing has pane spaces that are set around edges in order to keep two panes of the glass apart. All products from The Advanced Group meet the strict standards set by the governing bodies. Benefits of installing efficient
double glazing:

  • Reduced energy bills. Replacing your single-glazed windows with this type is said to help you save more than £150.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. This will result to using less fuel. Therefore, you will be producing less carbon dioxide and the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.
  • Living in comfortable home. Efficient energy glazing reduces that amount of heat loss through the windows. This could mean fewer cold spots and draughts.
  • Quiet and peace. This is important as it gives you an amble place to stay. In addition, the windows will insulate your home.
  • Reduced condensation. It reduces build up of condensation on inside of the windows.

Efficient Double Glazing – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. It is important to note that savings and costs of efficient double glazing windows can vary from one home to another. The best thing is to contact The Advanced Group for a free survey to your home. Give us a call at The Advanced Group today on FREEPHONE 0500 338 488 to find out more and to get a FREE consultation with a helpful member of our team. Or Simply complete the enquiry form on this page.