Old Double Glazing

Old Double Glazing ? – use Advanced’s Window Scrappage Scheme

You don’t have to put up with your aging and Old Double Glazing any longer. If you use Advanced’s Window Scrappage Scheme you will get £100 cashback per window when you choose replacement windows from our Range of Energy Efficient Double or Triple Glazing and we will take your Old Double Glazing and recycle it.. So, effectively, if you have 10 windows in your home and you utiles the window scrappage scheme, you will get £1000 off the cost off your replacement windows, which won’t leave an awful lot to pay. Although, we stress that you shouldn’t worry too much about how much you need to pay, because we have excellent Nil Deposit Finance packages available and you only pay when completely satisfied

Have al look at our video below to see the sort of quality there is in our Triple and Double Glazing.

Old Double Glazing was good for it’s day back in the eighties and nineties but even the later double glazed windows are way more than 20 years old and in all honesty, by today’s standards, they aren’t quite good enough. When we compare our most popular double or triple glazed units against the older ones, the thermal performance is so much better, but then again, our Triple and Double Glazing has an industry beating uValue which means your going to get one of the best levels of thermal performance and all round insulation through the innovative technology used in our Double and Triple Glazed units.