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The Advanced GroupThe Advanced Group – The Double Glazing Firm You Can Trust. Double glazing is the process in which the windows of your homes are made having two glass panes and have air or gas filled spaces between them. In the space, air or gas is normally trapped and it provides the house with insulation. There are many companies that offer the service but none like The Advanced Group.

The Advanced Group provide a performance double glazing glass that makes the current windows that you have energy efficient to up to 64% by replacing the glass or far more efficient by replacing the windows completely. They do this only by changing the frame of the glass. The process of getting replacement glass is fairly easy as all we do is replace the existing glass pane with the glass that retains heat. However before the replacement is done, a survey is carried out that determines whether or not the glass can be upgraded or not. The process normally takes a day since the frames of the windows are normally left intact.

The Advanced Group Will Find The Best Double or Triple Glazing For You…

You probably may be asking yourself how exactly the performance double glazing works. Well to end up with this glazing, there are two panes of glass that are completely different are put into use. On the outer side of the window, the Pilkington Optiwhite glass is used. This glass normally allows the suns energy to go through it but not through the other pane. On the other hand, the inner glass pane is low emission. It therefore tends to reflect most of the heat from the house back in to it which result to you saving on money to heat up your house especially during the cold season.

The advantages of this glass are evident and very clear. In addition to giving you a warmer and brighter home, the heating bills also reduce as well as the condensation that normally occurs on the inner side of the windows.

However, The Advanced Group does not only provide services for the double glazing. We  offer a full range of triple glazing, conservatories, roofline, as well as doors. All these services and products are of high quality.

The Advanced Group Delivering Quality Since 1989…

The Advanced Group has been in the market since the year 1989. Over the years, we have perfected their skill and have formed partnerships with a number of companies that manufacture high quality products. In addition, in the period they have been trading, they have gained a lot of experience and have confidence that they can deliver on the job they are provided with.

The Advanced Group – The Double Glazing Firm You Can Trust. If you are still asking yourself why you should contact the company for your home extension, window repairs or any other service they offer, the answer is simple. In addition to completing the job that you have called them for, they conduct a home survey for you free of charge. Unlike most firms, we have a payment plan that is very flexible and manageable by all who contract them. We are also proud of our customer service which is exemplary and one of the best.

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