Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing – no contest

New uPVC double glazed windows can transform the look of any home, and they’re a great investment too, but only for so long. Many of us when buying a new home in particular see the property we are considering and note that it has double glazing and think that’s great, lower heating costs and reduced noise from outside.

Unfortunately, what many people forget to do is find out how old the double glazing actually is and even fewer get a thermal efficiency report, which would alert you to any problems with the double Glazing.Triple Glazed Windows

The Advanced Group are a progressive company and we will come out and carry out a thermal efficiency check to ensure your windows are up to par but don’t worry if they are not…We have the answer right here. If you do need to replace your existing double glazing, consider our energy efficient Triple Glazing, with a lower u value than anyone else, which basically means that the thermal performance is better than any other windows on the market, giving you the best possible energy efficiency.

With our unique design consisting of 3 insulating layers of glass with two air spaces totalling 40mm. The air gaps provide the insulating layers that slow down the heat loss and reduce the opportunity for condensation to form.

So why not replace your old double glazing with our fantastic Triple Glazing and see the benefit as your heating costs come down. – Contact us today for a Free Quote today