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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing your single glazed windows with new energy efficient double or triple glazing from the Advanced Group is a fantastic way to slash your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Heating bills have never been higher and improving the overall energy rating of your home is essential to keeping costs at a minimum.
The single glazing and traditional window frame materials used in your existing windows may well be compromising your home’s energy performance, leaking both heat and money.

Our high quality uPVC windows on the other hand act as a hugely effective insulating barrier against the Scottish weather, reducing the time you need to have your heating on to warm the living space and keeping the room at your desired temperature for a much longer period.

We have been providing expert installation of double glazed windows to our Edinburgh customers for over 30 years, and given that 70% of the work we do is either for returning customers or for people who have been recommended to us by an existing client, we are clearly doing something right. (H5)

Energy efficient window materials

Advanced Group offer a range of different energy efficient windows with different designs and materials available to suit individual customer needs.


All our energy efficient windows are either double or triple glazed in order to limit heat lost through the glass panes.

Double Glazing

Double Glazed windows are comprised of two separate sheets of glass that are separated by a small gap.

The space between the inner pane and the outer pane is normally around 15mm and filled with an inert gas such as argon or xenon which limits the transfer of heat through the panes of glass.

Each window also comes with low e coatings of semi-precious metals on each pane that reduces heat loss even further and maximises its thermal efficiency.
Modern double glazing units also have a much higher solar gain than traditional glass panes harnessing the sun’s rays to help passively heat your home.

Triple Glazing

The most energy efficient window designs available currently all come with triple glazing to reduce air leakage to an absolute minimum.

Triple glazed windows are constructed of three separate sheets of low e glass, with the two gaps in between filled with the same argon gas as double glazing.
Triple glazing is the most energy efficient glazing available and you will see a better U Value, the measure of a window’s thermal performance and energy lost, from this type of window than from double glazing.

However, the jump in energy efficiency from double to triple glazing is nowhere near as large as from single glazing to double and you may decide that the gap is too small to justify the additional cost of installation.

Window Frame

The frame of energy efficient windows is just as important as double and triple glazing in maximising your window energy ratings.

At the Advanced Group, we use the highest quality uPVC window frames when installing energy efficient windows.

uPVC, or un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a synthetic plastic polymer that is both lightweight and extremely strong, and flexible.

uPVC is so well suited to being an energy efficient window frame material as it is a low conductor of heat meaning only a very small amount of heat energy will be lost directly through the frame itself.

With traditional timber windows, there is also potential for warping or rotting as a result of excess moisture being absorbed which can lead to costly repairs and leave small gaps for drafts to enter and to lose heat from the inside through.

With uPVC window frames this is no longer an issue as the plastic is completely water and weather proof, and when fitted properly by one of our expert technicians, will leave no gaps that could compromise your home’s energy efficiency.

Besides its energy saving qualities, replacing single glazing with double or triple glazing u PVC windows is a smart investment for the future as they require very little ongoing upkeep and last for several decades.

All our energy saving windows come with a 15 year guarantee so any problems that do occur will be sorted quickly and efficiently by our expert team.

Energy Efficient Window Styles

All or windows come with either double glazing or triple glazing and the latest uPVC frames as standard.

Whether you are looking for a traditional window to complement your existing home or looking for something more contemporary the Advanced Group has an energy efficient window solution for you.

Our selection of window styles include:
  • Casement Windows
  • Tilt and Turn Windows
  • French Windows
  • Top-Hung Windows

How much do energy efficient windows cost?

At the Advanced Energy Group, our highly efficient double glazed windows start from just £395 with triple glazing prices starting from just £495.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you install double glazing in a single glazed semi-detached home with gas heating, you could save as much as £115 a year on your energy bills as well as reduce your carbon dioxide output by over 400kg.

Improving your window energy rating by installing new windows will also save you money in the long term as double glazing is often one of the first things people look for when buying a new home.

Research has shown that installing double glazing has the potential to increase the property value of your home by as much as 10%.

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If you are looking for highly energy efficient uPVC Double or Triple glazed replacement windows, installed by a highly regarded local Edinburgh company, call The Advanced Group today on 0131 370 0444, for expert advice or to arrange a completely free no obligation survey.

At The Advanced Group, our friendly team are experts in all our uPVC double and triple glazing products and are committed to providing a fast and efficient response, great service, and unrivalled customer care.

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