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External door Edinburgh

External door Edinburgh

Your external doors play a vital role in your home’s energy efficiency, security, and appearance and when the time comes to have new ones installed, you want to make sure you make the right choice.

The style and design you end up choosing might take a bit more thought but if you live in Edinburgh, the company that you should trust with installation is a no brainer.

External Door Edinburgh

At the Advanced Group, we have been producing Edinburgh customers with external doors and windows for over 35 years and have used our expensive experience to develop an industry leading range of high quality composite and uPVC doors featuring industry leading materials and a range of top security features.

Advanced External Doors Edinburgh

The Advanced group offer a huge range of different door styles to customers in Edinburgh city centre and the surrounding area.

From uPVC and composite front doors to French and bi-fold doors that seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living space, we have everything that you need to make your dream door selection a reality.

Each and every external door in our range is protected under a 15 year guarantee giving you peace of mind that should your new door require repairs of any kind, it won’t cost you a penny.

Our uPVC and composite doors offer:
  • 70mm high performance frame
  • ‘A’ rated energy efficient
  • 15-year guarantee
  • Developed and manufactured at one of Europe’s top extrusion facilities
  • 40-80 year lifespan
  • Multi point locking mechanism for unrivalled security


uPVC Doors Edinburgh

uPVC is an incredibly popular external door choice for home and business owners in Edinburgh, and has been the number 1 material choice in the industry across the UK for man decades.

It isn’t hard to see why either, offering excellent durability and energy efficiency whilst being extremely low maintenance and available in an almost unlimited number of different designs, colours, and styles.

If you want to protect your home for decades to come, uPVC are an ultra-reliable and proven door choice.

uPVC external doors provide:

Excellent thermal efficiency

External doors are one of the biggest causes of domestic heat loss in the UK and with energy prices on the rise, you need doors that will help keep warm air in and cold air out. This is exactly what our uPVC units are designed to do with internal chambers build into the profile to prevent heat transfer and energy reflecting double glazing fitted as standard.

Wide range of styles

uPVC can be formed into a huge variety of different shapes and over the years millions of different door styles have been produced using the material. We have compiled a selection of some of the very best of these, giving you the chance to find the perfect door to compliment the aesthetic of your home.

Glasgow is home to many different properties of all ages and styles but no matter where you live, there is a uPVC door design to suit your needs.

High security

uPVC doors may be flexible but they are still highly effective barriers against intruders with impact resistant panels and multipoint locking systems fitted as standard, and laminated or toughened glazing available for those looking for added security.

We also use uPVC in many of our double glazing and triple glazing windows so if you are looking to replace all your windows and doors at the same time we can match your external doors to uPVC casement windows, uPVC sliding sash windows, and more.


Composite doors Edinburgh

Composite doors have taken the external door market by storm in recent times, combining several different materials to create a door that is stronger and more energy efficient that one made from any single material alone.

uPVC and timber doors are both solid options, but composite doors offer the best of both worlds blending PVC, glass reinforced plastic, and polyurethane insulating foam around a solid timber core to create one cohesive and incredibly strong final product.

Composite doors outperform other doors in almost every way with a 70mm profile that minimises heat loss and allows them to achieve a ‘Global Warming Potential’ score of below five and an ‘Ozone Depletion Potential’ score of zero.

They are also able to withstand extremely high pressure conditions and, backed by a multipoint locking system and reinforced hinges for enhanced security, are almost impossible to break through.

The use of structurally secure materials and all the practical benefits they offer doesn’t mean your new composite door will lack style either. Our top quality composite doors are available in over 15 different designs and colours from realistic wood grain effect for traditional properties to RAL spray paint finishes for a more contemporary touch.


French Doors

French doors are elegant, stylish, and provide a seamless transition between your indoor living space and the outside world.

Offering great functionality and available with a massive range of different glass design options, French doors are the perfect addition to any modern Glasgow home, flooding your home with natural light and offering great views no matter if they are open or closed.

Bi fold doors

The ultimate space saving solution, with an innovative sliding rail, bi fold doors can be carefully folded away neatly when open, and provide panoramic views of your garden and the surrounding area when closed.

Bi fold doors are ideal for those looking to connect their indoor and outdoor space but do not want some of their valuable living room blocked off by open external doors. Bi folding doors can be used in a range of different scenarios from conservatories and home extensions to replacing entire internal or external walls.


Get in touch for external door Edinburgh services today

If you live in Edinburgh and are looking for a new entrance door for your home or business, The Advanced Group are the local experts that you need to call.

We provide door installation services across the city on properties of all shapes and sizes and no location is too large or remote for our expert team of fitters to handle.

From stunning French doors leading to your back garden to a new composite front door that creates a grand entrance to your home, there is something in our door designs for everyone at Advanced.

For more information on our services or to arrange for a free survey of your property get in touch with The Advanced Group today on 08000 502 502.

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