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Front doors Edinburgh

Front doors Edinburgh

The Advanced Group offers high quality uPVC and composite door installation services to customers across the Edinburgh area.

We have been installing doors for Edinburgh customers for over 35 years and using the very latest manufacturing techniques have developed a huge range of door styles, all offering unrivalled thermal efficiency, security, and durability.

No matter what the age or nature of your property, we have an entrance door that will perfectly compliment its aesthetic with external doors available in styles ranging from a traditional wood effect to contemporary RAL colours.

Front Doors Edinburgh

Why choose Advanced?

At Advanced we have worked incredibly hard to become Edinburgh’s go-to choice for new front doors.

Combining great design and unrivalled customer service with industry leading materials we will help you create a stunning entrance to your home to enjoy for many decades to come.

We go above and beyond to help all our customers find their dream door, and with over 70% of all our business coming either from returning customers or recommendations, we are clearly getting something right.


From Door Edinburgh Types

uPVC Doors Edinburgh

More front doors in Edinburgh are made from uPVC than from any other material.

This is no fluke, and uPVC (un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is well-known for its flexibility, durability, and low maintenance.


uPVC is highly malleable and can be formed into almost any shape or design.

This has allowed us to develop a massive range of different uPVC door styles from a traditional timber door effect that perfectly matches the Georgian and Edwardian era properties in Edinburgh to modern contemporary RAL colours for new builds and contemporary homes.

uPVC is not only suitable for front doors either, and window frames, conservatories, and more are often made from the material. if you are replacing all your doors and windows at the same time and are looking for a consistent elegant aesthetic throughout, uPVC is a great option.

Security features

uPVC might be lightweight and flexible, but it is still extremely strong and will prove more than a match for the vast majority of potential intruders.

To ensure most criminals will take one glance at your uPVC door and move on, we have added security features such as a multi point locking mechanism as standard, with reinforced triple and double glazing available.

Weather resistance

Providing excellent protection against wind, rain, and snow, and performing well in extreme temperatures, it is no surprise that uPVC doors are so popular in the Edinburgh area.

No matter what the new notorious Scottish winter may bring, you can be confident that your new uPVC front door will keep your home, safe, warm, and dry throughout.

Environmentally friendly

When choosing a front door you are thinking about the future as much as the present. Our uPVC doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing heat lost from your property and shrinking both your carbon emissions and energy bills as a result.

They are also fully recyclable but with a lifespan of 40-80 years, you won’t need to worry about this anytime soon.


Composite front doors Edinburgh

Composite front doors are becoming more and more popular among Edinburgh home owners thanks to the unrivalled security and thermal efficiency they offer.

At Advanced we offer a large range of high-quality composite doors, outperforming other front door types in almost every possible area.

Composite doors are constructed from a combination of PVC, polyurethane foam, and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), bonded together around a solid timber core.

Combining the adaptability of uPVC and the strength of solid wood, composite doors are the best of both worlds, and are quickly becoming the go-to choice for savvy property owners.


Our composite door range is just as varied and customisable as our uPVC range, with everything from traditional timber door leaf designs to modern RAL spray paint finishes available.

Your new composite door can also be fitted with handcrafted double or triple glazed glass panels to create the ultimate grand entrance to your home.

Energy efficiency

When composite doors were first manufactured, energy efficiency was at the heart of the process.

This approach has paid off big time, and when it comes to retaining heat and keeping your home warm for less each winter, composite doors really are in a league of their own.

Benefitting from all the insulating qualities of multiple materials, and fitted with innovative multi-chamber technology to prevent heat transfer, our composite doors are ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency, significantly reducing how long, and how often, you need to have your home heating system turned on.

These technologies have helped our composite doors achieve a ‘Global Warming Potential’ score of below 5 and an ‘Ozone Depletion Potential’ score of 0.

Security features

Composite doors are incredibly tough and form a formidable barrier between you and a would-be intruder.

Our doors feature a 70mm profile which, combined with enhanced security features including a solid timber core and multi point locking mechanism make forcing entry almost impossible, especially without attracting the attention of you or your neighbours.

Weather Resistance

With structurally secure materials and a chunky 70mm frame, composite doors from Advanced provide powerful protection against adverse weather.

Beyond the profile of the door itself, we have also fitted separate seals to the interior and exterior of your door frames to maximise weatherproofing and ensure that your new door remains as energy efficient and Scottish winter resistant as possible.


Get in touch

If you live in Edinburgh, West Lothian, or further afield across Central Scotland and are looking for new external doors, The Advanced Group are the experts that you need to call.

All of our uPVC and composite doors Edinburgh come with a 15-year performance guarantee meaning that if for any reason something goes wrong, we will quickly be on the scene to resolve the issues, completely free of charge.

Whatever door or window product you choose to have installed from french doors to uPVC sliding sash windows, we guarantee the same level of customer service and high quality materials with every single job.

For more information on any of our front door products or to arrange a free survey of your property, get in touch with Advanced today on 08000 502 502 or fill out the form below.

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