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Double Glazing Buckhaven

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Founded in 1988, Advanced has over 34 years of experience in the industry and has quickly grown to become Scotland’s go to choice for double glazed and triple glazed uPVC doors and windows.
scotland flag | The Advanced Group WindowsFitting Scotland Perfectly

Double Glazing Buckhaven

We offer a substantial range of A-rated stylish and practical products, offering unrivalled energy efficiency, flexibility, and sturdiness from traditional casement windows to the latest innovative tilt and turn innovation, all at incredibly competitive prices.
To find out more on the benefits of secondary glazing, new window installation, or to organise a free survey of your home by one of our specialist installers, call our professional sales group today on 0141 473 4141.

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34 Years of Home

Our windows guarantee to enhance the
appearance of your home both inside and out.
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We’ve installed thousands of windows over the last 34 years, take a look at what we have installed more recently.

Popular Colour Options

Whatever look you are going for with your home, there is a  colour choice type to match, with a huge range of styles and decorative finishes available.

Our Brochure

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Our Brochure

white windows | The Advanced Group Windows
oak | The Advanced Group Windows
rosewood | The Advanced Group Windows
mahogany | The Advanced Group Windows
black | The Advanced Group Windows
cream | The Advanced Group Windows
charcoal | The Advanced Group Windows

About Advanced Windows

Produced utilising the most recent sustainable manufacturing techniques at one of Europe’s most sophisticated extrusion facilities, the extensive range of windows and doors we offer to our <a href=”/locations/double-glazing-Buckhaven“>Buckhaven</a> customers are of the highest quality possible.

All our uPVC product frames are produced utilising 80% recycled materials and are made to last, leading the double and triple glazing market into a new generation of sustainable production.


Inadequately fitted window frames are Buckhaven properties, leaving property owners with expensive energy expenses, and highlighting the importance of selecting windows with highly energy efficient and weather resistance frames.

All the frames used in our products are thoroughly developed and constructed using a multiple internal chamber design that serves as a barrier against the cold outside air and prevents the heat from your home escaping.

Heat retention is necessary for avoiding extortionate energy bills because it prevents heat from getting away almost as fast as your heating system can produce it.

Our frames permit our customers to take pleasure in great energy efficiency ratings throughout even the coldest winters and are among our significant factors for our windows being A ranked by the BRFC.


All our double and triple glazed windows come geared up with energy reflecting glass as standard which works by transmitting solar energy from the outdoors to the inside of your home, whilst reflecting and retaining interior warmth.

Thermo spacers have also been installed to prevent cold areas from forming around the edges of the glass panes, in turn minimising the chances of condensation and mould development and increasing the total performance of the windows.

Energy Efficiency

Home heating bills have increased significantly in the last few years, and homeowners are often find themselves paying excessive for their houses because of inadequately installed, or terribly performing, doors and windows

In fact, over 20% of all the heat loss from a standard domestic home in Scotland is estimated to be a direct outcome of this, implying that picking the most suitable new triple or double glazed windows is an extremely crucial financial choice.

Given the major influence on your household’s financial resources, we understand that discovering windows with the very best possible energy efficiency can be a highly stressful job.

Because of this, we’ve made sure to create a highly energy-efficient range of units for you to choose from, with our products currently assisting our customers conserve hundreds of pounds every year in their energy costs.

The energy efficiency of a window is gauged in U-Values, with the lower the U-Value, the more energy efficient it is.

Advanced’s products have some of the most impressive u-vales of any windows and doors on the market, with our standard double glazed windows alone offering an exceptional u-value of 1.4 W/m2K (A-rated).

Our double glazing also includes the option of further minimizing this to just 1.2 W/m2K, and by using Soft Coat Xtra and Argon Gas, our triple glazing has the ability to attain a u-value of just 0.8 W/m2K, best for those seeking to maximise their energy efficiency.

It is approximated that replacing your existing doors and windows with double or triple glazed units installed by the specialists here at Advanced could save you approximately 40% on your annual energy costs.


The security of your property enjoyed ones is paramount, and selecting units that feature exceptional security features is important when selecting your replacement windows and doors.

Initially, it’s important to keep in mind that merely upgrading from standard single glazed windows to double or triple glazed windows is a major enhancement for home security as including additional layers between you and a burglar makes it a lot harder for them to get into your house.

At Advanced, we take security an action further, however, with fully welded robust frames, and internal glazing guaranteeing that the protecting glazing bead can not be removed from outside the property.

High performance multi-point locking systems, strong hinges, and quality deals with are also fitted as standard.

For those who seek a much more secure option, we also offer toughened or laminated glass that can be fitted upon demand.

We test our products to ensure they’re the most durable and robust offered on the market, with all the hardware elements in the units tested for 600 hours prior to being accepted into production. (3x longer than the market standard).

Casement Windows

Casement windows have long been the most popular window design in the UK, and with a timeless, classic style and exceptional flexibility this does not appear like changing anytime quickly.

Our casement windows can be hinged from either the side or from the top and are thought about among the most energy efficient alternatives for almost any property.

Product Performance | The Advanced Group Windows

Product Performance

We carefully develop all our products so they’re incredibly high quality, and provide a 15-year warranty for every single installation, providing you comfort that if anything goes wrong you will not be confronted with costly repair costs.

Multi Chambers | The Advanced Group Windows

Multi Chambers

All of our windows feature multi chambers within the frame, which work to keep heat and keep an ideal temperature level throughout the year, significantly minimizing the quantity of energy you are losing on heating your home.

Energy Performance | The Advanced Group Windows

Energy Performance

Thanks to the market leading innovation behind our heat reflecting glass, all our casement windows are A-rated for energy efficiency.

Concealed Gaskets | The Advanced Group Windows

Hidden Gaskets

To maximise the noticeable glazing area of your window, all the glazing gaskets on our windows are contained within the frame of the window itself, making sure that gasket rubber is hidden and does not disrupt your view.

Positive Drainage | The Advanced Group Windows

Positive Drainage

All our frames come equipped with inbuilt channels to assist in efficient drainage, and are fully sealed and watertight, implying that your new uPVC doors and windows will flourish throughout even the most severe of Scottish winter seasons.

Frame Finish | The Advanced Group Windows



Tilt and Turn Windows

With the addition of an innovative hinge system that allows for ultimate versatility, tilt and turn windows are a popular variation on the classic casement window.

Among the greatest benefits of tilt and turn windows is that they can either be opened by titling the leading inwards, or by turning the window up to 90 degrees inwards from the side.

A tilt and turn window can function as a valid emergency exit if it is opened fully in the ‘turn’ position

French Windows

French windows operate in a similar method to french doors, with 2 different openings, each opening from one side of the frame.
French windows are a highly elegant window option and serve as a reliable emergency exit when both sides remain in the fully employment opportunity.


As a contemporary business, we operate with the current climate emergency at the heart of everything that we do. We’ve tailored every element of our manufacturing process so that it matches this values without jeopardising our product quality and efficiency.

Lowering Waste

To restrict the quantity of waste that happens as a byproduct of our production, 80% of the product utilized in our uPVC frames are developed utilizing recycled materials, with the majority of the waste produced being processed in a recycling facility rather than being sent to landfill.

Minimising Carbon Emissions

We not only do whatever we can to restrict our carbon emissions, however we’re also continuously looking for ways for our customers to lower their own carbon footprints, and save lots of money along the way too!

By lowering the amount of time that you require to have your home heater on for to keep a comfy temperature level, our multi-chamber technology and thermo spacer bars could assist you lower the frame carbon emissions of your home by as much as 70%

Get in Touch

If you are looking for double glazing services in Buckhaven or the surrounding area, The Advanced Group are the regional professionals you require to call.

From sash windows to outdoor patio doors our range of triple and double glazing products is second to none.

We have developed a fantastic track record for quality double glazing Buckhaven products and exceptional customer care, with both our domestic and business clients, and will put your needs first from the preliminary visit to the final installation of your new windows.

To get more information about our Buckhaven windows and doors, get a free quote, or to organise a free survey from our specialist team, call us today on 0141 4 73 4141.