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Double Glazing Caol

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Founded in 1988, Advanced has over 34 years of experience in the industry and has quickly grown to become Scotland’s go to choice for double glazed and triple glazed uPVC doors and windows.
scotland flag | The Advanced Group WindowsFitting Scotland Perfectly

Double Glazing Caol

If you are trying to find professional glazing services in the Aberdeen region, The Advanced Group are the professionals that you need to call.

We are Scotland’s leading double glazing and triple glazing installation team with over 34 years experience in the market.

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34 Years of Home

Our windows guarantee to enhance the
appearance of your home both inside and out.
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We’ve installed thousands of windows over the last 34 years, take a look at what we have installed more recently.

Popular Colour Options

Whatever look you are going for with your home, there is a  colour choice type to match, with a huge range of styles and decorative finishes available.

Our Brochure

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Our Brochure

white windows | The Advanced Group Windows
oak | The Advanced Group Windows
rosewood | The Advanced Group Windows
mahogany | The Advanced Group Windows
black | The Advanced Group Windows
cream | The Advanced Group Windows
charcoal | The Advanced Group Windows

About Advanced Windows

Produced in among Europe’s most sophisticated extrusion facilities, all the windows and doors that we offer to our Caol customers are are developed using a proven combination of the latest production methods and innovative design.

The production process utilized to develop our wonderful variety of double and triple glazed uPVC windows meets all the sustainability requirements of the existing climate, and when integrated with market leading quality and enduring efficiency, we really are at the leading edge of future proof triple and double glazing.


Badly set up or inadequately insulated window frames are a major contributor to heat loss in domestic homes across the country, making them an essential part of any window style.

The frames we use on all of our items are built with several internal chambers contained within the internal profile system, acting as a barrier preventing cold air from permeating and warm air from leaving.

This structure allows our customers to accomplish exceptional thermal efficiency throughout even the coldest of Scottish winter seasons.


By transferring solar energy from. outside your property to the inside, whilst preventing interior warmth from leaving, the energy reflecting glass that we use in all our double and triple glazing units as standard will help to increase the heat gain of your home.

To further increase performance, and reduce the chances of condensation build-up, thermo spacer bars are used to connect each glazed pane to get rid of cold areas around the edge of the unit.

Energy Efficiency

Each and every single year, homeowners across Scotland deal with costly home heating bills as a result of inadequately installed windows and doors.

Given that as much as 20% of all the heat lost from a standard domestic home happens in this manner, picking the most appropriate replacement units for your home is an essential financial choice as well as a cosmetic one.

Given the potential implications on your household’s finances, locating the units with the best possible energy efficiency is not a job to be taken lightly.

In regard to windows, energy efficiency is measured using u-values, with the lower the u-value of a unit, the more effective it is at preventing unwanted heat transfer.

U-values consider several elements including the frame, glass, and spacer bars.

Thanks to the care and attention that went into creating each of these elements in our windows, Advanced are able to offer units with market leading u-value ratings.

Our standard Double Glazing Aberdeen currently offer remarkable u-values of just 1.4 W/m2K (‘ A’ Rated), with the additional option of further reducing this to 1.2 W/m2K.

Through a mix of Soft Coat Xtra and Argon Gas, our triple glazing options have the ability to achieve a u-value of just 0.8 W/m2K and are the perfect option for those looking for optimum energy efficiency.

It is estimated that you could save as much as 40% on your annual heating expenses just by changing your old doors and windows with energy effective units from Advanced.


Double and triple glazing provides a much higher level of defense versus prospective burglars than traditional single glazed windows.

Here at Advanced, we take security as seriously as you do, and have developed a variety of products created to keep you and your enjoyed ones safe at all times.

All our windows feature the current and most efficient security steps including internally glazed glass that guarantees the protecting glazing bead can not be eliminated from outside the property, and fully welded robust frames.

High performance multi-point locking systems, strong hinges, and quality manages are fitted to our products as standard.

If you are looking for a a lot more secure unit than our currently robust double and triple glazing, we can even more strengthen or laminate glass upon demand.

Throughout the entire design and production process, we follow strict quality assurance checks to make certain that the greatest possible product is created.

To ensure the lasting toughness of our products, all the hardware elements in the unit are salt spray testing for 600 hours before being approved for production (3x longer than the market standard).

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a variation on the incredibly popular traditional casement window, with the extra of an innovative hinge system and multiple safety and functional functions.

Tilt and turn windows are exceptionally flexible and can be put in either the ’til t’ position, with the top of the window tilted inwards to allow for optimum ventilation, or the ‘turn’ position, with the window opening to 90 degrees inwards from the side.

Being able to open the window in this ‘turn’ manner means that tilt and turn windows can be used as a legitimate fire escape option.

Product Performance | The Advanced Group Windows

Product Performance

With an exclusive 15 year guarantee on the performance of all our products, you can be positive that your brand-new windows and doors have been produced to the greatest standard possible.

Multi Chambers | The Advanced Group Windows

Multi Chambers

Multi-chambers contained within the frame of our windows work to keep your home warm when temperature levels drop, keeping your home at the perfect temperature all year long and considerably reducing the quantity of wasted energy.

Energy Performance | The Advanced Group Windows

Energy Performance

All our casement windows attain ‘A’ rated energy efficiency thanks in a big way to our ingenious heat reflecting glass.

Concealed Gaskets | The Advanced Group Windows

Concealed Gaskets

To make sure that the gasket rubber utilized on our windows does not obstruct the visible glazing area, all the glazing gaskets on our products are contained within the frame itself.

Positive Drainage | The Advanced Group Windows

Favorable Drainage

Frame Finish | The Advanced Group Windows

Frame Finish

Our frames are fully welded for optimum mechanical performance and finished with virgin skin surface areas for enchanced aesthetic appeal.

French Windows

French windows offer unique versatility and design, featuring two different openings and operating in a comparable manner to French doors.

French windows are stylish and classy not to mention practical, acting as an emergency exit option when both entryways are opened broad.

Casement Windo

An ageless classic when it comes to domestic windows, casement windows are the single most popular window style in the UK.

Hinged either from the top or from the side, casement windows are the most energy efficient window type on the market, and offer superb adaptability and durability.


All our production is carried out with the present environment crisis in mind, using the most sustainable design and production procedures without jeopardizing on quality or performance. (H5).

Minimizing Waste (H3).

80% of the uPVC frames used in our doors and windows are developed utilizing recycled materials, with as much waste as possible produced in the production procedure in a recycling facility instead of going to landfill.

Lower Carbon Emissions

By decreasing heat loss in their home, we are constantly working to help our customers decrease their own carbon footprint through the style of our products.

You could reduce your home’s carbon emissions output by as much as 70% thanks to our multi-chamber technology and thermo spacer bars.

Contact Us

The Advanced Group are your local triple and Caol specialists.

Our expert team supply independent guidance, years of installation experience, and the very best quality glazed windows throughout Scotland.

Our top priority is always to meet our customers’ requirements, so we’ve developed a fantastic reputation for exceptional customer support from initial discussion to final setup.

For more information on any of our great products, to get a free quote, or to set up a free study, contact our team today on 0141 473 4141. (H5).