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Double Glazing Cumbernauld

The Advanced Group are Cumbernauld’s leading double and triple glazing window and door company.

We have over 34 years of experience in the industry with our full range of energy efficient windows designed in one of Europe’s most advanced extrusion facilities.

Call The Advanced Group at 0141 473 4141 if you reside in the Cumbernauld area and are looking for brand-new top quality double and triple glazed windows, uPVC doors, or conservatories at incredible prices.
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36 Years of Home
Our windows guarantee to enhance the
appearance of your home both inside and out.
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We’ve installed thousands of windows over the last 36 years, take a look at what we have installed more recently.

Popular Colour Options

Whatever look you are going for with your home, there is a  colour choice type to match, with a huge range of styles and decorative finishes available.

Our Brochure

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Our Brochure

White Windows | The Advanced Group Windows
Oak | The Advanced Group Windows
Rosewood | The Advanced Group Windows
Mahogany | The Advanced Group Windows
Black | The Advanced Group Windows
Cream | The Advanced Group Windows
Charcoal | The Advanced Group Windows

Double glazing Cumbernauld

Double glazing installation is one of the best investments you can make as a Cumbernauld homeowner, improving your property’s energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics in a single stroke.

Furthermore, our huge range of styles and bespoke decorative glass finishes means that there are uPVC windows to suit every taste and property design.

All our products come with an industry leading 15-year guarantee, and we promise top quality workmanship and fantastic customer service with every single installation.
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Our Sustainability Commitment

Here at Advanced, we are fully committed to becoming as ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly as possible in all aspects of our business.

Not only do our products help homeowners achieve excellent energy efficiency in their home and reduce carbon emissions as a result, but we also work to reduce waste and emissions in our own manufacturing process.

80% of our window frames are made from recycled materials, and by sending waste materials to a recycling centre, rather than landfill, we have reduced waste by around 150 tonnes.

Energy Efficiency

All windows and doors supplied and installed by Advanced are ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency and could help you reduce frame emissions in your home by up to 70%.

If you are looking for replacement windows, energy efficiency should be right at the top of your checklist.

Doors and windows are major contributors to domestic heat loss in Cumbernauld and across Scotland, and poorly installed or older units could be costing you thousands every year in unnecessary home heating bills.

Our windows and doors have carefully been designed to minimise heat loss and achieve some of the best U-Values anywhere in the industry (The scale used to measure thermal efficiency of windows).

Our standard double glazing alone achieves a u-value of 1.4 W/m2K, an impressive figure that can be lowered further to 1.2 W/m2K.

Installing triple glazing can see you lower this even further to just 0.8 W/m2K.

A huge amount of effort has gone into achieving these numbers and some of the key design features allowing us to do so include:
  • Thermo spacer bars eliminate cold spots and condensation
  • Soft Coat Xtra coating
  • Energy reflecting glass
  • Argon gas filling
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When choosing new windows and doors one of the most important things to look for is security features.

Your windows and doors are responsible for protecting you from unwanted individuals attempting to force their way inside, and it is incredibly important that they are as robust as possible.

To help you keep your home and family safe, we have designed our doors with security in mind, with multi-point locking systems as standard, fully welded frames, and strong hinges.

All glazing bead is also placed on the inside pane of glass so that it cannot easily be removed from the outside of the property.

Laminated and reinforced glass options are available if you have additional security needs.

For ultimate protection, why not consider choosing from our range of composite doors that combine all the function and style of uPVC with the strength of a solid wooden core.

Window types

We have a fantastic diverse range of triple and double glazed units to suit properties are all different styles and sizes.

Popular window types include:

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Windows Energy Efficiency | The Advanced Group Windows

Casement Windows

The most popular window design in the country for many decades now, casement windows are versatile, durable, and the most energy efficient of all window types.

Casement windows can be hinged from the top or the side, depending on the location of the window and your preference.

Product Performance | The Advanced Group Windows
Product Performance

All our products feature a 15-year performance guarantee and are manufactured to the greatest possible equality standards.

Multi Chambers | The Advanced Group Windows
Multi Chambers

Multi chambers included within the frame profile aid to keep your home warm throughout the winter months, getting rid of heat loss and lowering waste energy.

Energy Performance | The Advanced Group Windows
Energy Performance

All our casement windows are ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency and function market leading heat reflecting glass as standard.

Concealed Gaskets | The Advanced Group Windows
Concealed Gaskets

Glazing gaskets are included within the window frame to ensure zero sight-lines, ensuring that the gasket rubber is not blocking the visible glazing area.

Positive Drainage | The Advanced Group Windows
Positive Drainage

For optimum weather condition resistance, ensuring our window frames remain sealed and watertight at all times, there are inbuilt channels within the profile system of each glazing system.

Frame Finish | The Advanced Group Windows
Frame Finish

Finished with virgin skin surface areas for an enhanced visual appeal, our double and triple glazed window frames are fully bonded for optimum mechanical performance.

Tilt and Turn Windows

A similar idea to the classic casement but with an innovative hinge that allows the window to be opened from both the side and top, depending on your requirements at any one time.

When in the turn position, these windows can be used as a fire escape if required.

Double Glazed Security | The Advanced Group Windows
Top Hung Windows | The Advanced Group Windows

French Windows

Add a wow factor finish to your property with elegant French double glazed windows.

Like their namesake French doors, these windows are split into two separate openings that can be opened as a pair or individually, giving you ultimate flexibility and control over ventilation.

All our window types come with a 15-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be stuck paying for expensive double glazing repair further down the line.

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From traditional casement windows to patio doors, Advanced are the experts that you need to call if you live in the Cumbernauld area and are looking for double and triple glazing services.

With over 34 years serving domestic and commercial clients across the whole of Central Scotland, our triple and double glazing units have been carefully designed to offer maximum energy efficiency rating and top security for decades to come.

For more information on our quality windows and doors supplied and fitted by our expert installation team, contact Advanced today at 0141 473 4141
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Asked Questions

1. What sets apart "sash" windows from "casement" windows?

Sash windows are characterized by their traditional design, featuring a vertical sliding motion. On the other hand, casement windows offer greater flexibility with openers that can be pushed out or tilted in.

2. Do timber effect sash windows closely resemble real timber?

Our uPVC timber effect windows boast high-quality custom-made decorative finishes, providing a remarkably realistic appearance. We meticulously match these windows to existing frames, ensuring they are virtually indistinguishable from real timber, even at a distance.

3. What is the typical installation time for windows and doors?

The installation duration varies depending on site conditions and complexity. Generally, a two-person installation team can complete three to six windows per day.

4. Who installs your windows?

We exclusively deploy our fully trained and accredited in-house installers for all our projects.

5. Will removing window and door frames impact wiring or electrics in my home?

Typically, this is not an issue. However, if wiring is encountered during installation, work may be paused until a qualified electrician ensures a safe working environment.

6. Can burglars easily gain entry by removing the glass from your windows?

No, our Premier range features internally glazed windows, preventing the removal of glass from the outside unless it is broken. Glass removal can only occur from the inside.

7. Do your windows offer child safety features?

Certainly, we offer various safety and security solutions tailored to your needs. Our team will recommend the most suitable options at competitive prices.

8. Is cleaning obscure or decorative glass challenging?

No, as the pattern is on the inside of the pane, the outer surface of obscure or decorative glass is smooth, facilitating easy cleaning.

9. Do you have sash windows that tilt inwards for cleaning?

Yes, we offer such windows; however, sash horns cannot be included as they interfere with the tilting frame.