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Top Energy Ratings

Advanced Group window products are designed to provide the best thermal performance for customers.
All the Advanced Groups Windows use a multi-chamber design. This ensures the frame itself has minimal heat loss. For the glass itself, a high-quality glazing is used to reflect any internal heat from the home back inside – which further reduces the loss of warmth, especially during the winter. This is not to mention warm edge spacer bars and effective Soft Coat glass – which further contribute to minimising the loss of heat.
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High Security Window System

The Advanced Group doesn’t just give you peace of mind via savings on energy – but also home security. The frames of all our windows are durable and tough – as well as exceptionally robust. All frames are made to specifications – and with steel reinforcement they have both superb strength and excellent integrity that ensures they will last for years.
Furthermore, all the Advanced Group’s windows make use of a highly effective multi-point lock mechanism. This means your home is provided with a top level of security. Furthermore, all the components of the window and the hardware are selected to ensure the best ease of use – and guarantee top quality performance in the long term.

A Huge Range of Colour Finishes

This means you’ll always be able to find a design which suits your home or property. Furthermore, there is the option for incorporating additional bars in Georgian or Astrical style – giving the windows a far more traditional appearance.

All the Advanced Group’s windows are fully sculptured for the best visual appeal, while they are also available in a huge range of different styles and colours. Colour options available include grain-effect foils as well as spray painted RAL colours – with options like Oak, Black, White Cream, Rosewood, and Charcoal Grey being available as standard.

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Windows Edinburgh

Advanced Group are Edinburgh’s leading supplier of double and triple glazed windows. Our Edinburgh windows team will walk you through the entire installation process, giving you all the information you need to replace windows Edinburgh in stlye.

Our windows and doors Glasgow Services include:

  • uPVC Windows Edinburgh
  • French Windows Edinburgh
  • New windows Edinburgh
  • Window Replacement Edinburgh
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