Conservatory Replacement

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Conservatory Replacement

Conservatory Replacement

Replacing Conservatory Roof

Hundreds of thousands of conservatories have been built in Scotland over the last twenty years. The majority of them are now not useable due to the change in energy costs and the substandard of materials used .
We are not saying that the companies who built them used sub-standard material in the initial construction but in relation to the massive surge ahead in technology , they are not fit for present day purpose.

Replacing Conservatory roof, structure or glass

There are three ways in which you could improve your conservatory.

  1. Remove the full top side frames and replacing conservatory roof with a full new structure that also benefits from new glass technology . The side frames could also benefit from triple glazed units, that can be up to 4 times more insulated than the old double glazed units previously installed. The roof benefits from 2 way insulated glass. reflecting the suns damaging heat and fading factors, by as much as 90%. The heat retention would be three times better than the old units.
    Couple all this with a roof designed to take the worst weather that your postcode can throw at it. You unfortunately are faced with the idea of spending money on an investment built possibly under 10 years ago, make sure its correct this time.
  2. If your frames are in good condition because you maintained them well over the years, we can replace the glass units with insulated ones ,making it up to four times better at keeping the heat in.
  3. You have decided that you want to convert your conservatory into a solid roof construction, replacing the conservatory roof. Sounds easy, however it is a very complicated path to negotiate when you submit this change to the local authorities. They will ask for the boxes to be ticked on their forms. This will require engineers reports and a lot of additional insulation in the base and side walls, reducing the existing space, making the conservatory considerably smaller than before. Sometimes it would be easier to knock down and start afresh as the structural report might not pass building control.

This option is extremely expensive and puts many people off.

Replacing conservatory roof correctly

So all you want is to make the conservatory more user friendly . You have seen a few conservatories converted in your street and wonder how they get them through building control.

The truth is that they haven’t . They have opted for a temporary conversion . Its the easiest and most cost effective way to create a room. Remove the polycarbonate sections and glazing beads. Keep them safe in case you wish to convert the roof back at a later stage.

Transform the exterior with a stylish lightweight tile system , a dense foam insulation slab in between. and plaster finish with possibly a new lighting system.

Its a lot of work for a temporary fix, however when you first built your conservatory all these years ago, would you have envisaged then that you would be removing the roof and fitting a new system today?

Technology is definitely surging ahead, with that in mind consider the advanced groups replacing conservatory roof system by contacting us today …

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The Advanced Group have been providing double glazing services to homeowners in Fife for over 35 years.
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