Replacement Windows Edinburgh

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Replacement Windows Edinburgh

Replacement Windows Edinburgh

The Advanced Group are Edinburgh’s premier supplier of double and triple glazed windows and doors, and have been leading the market for over 34 years.

Our expert team install new windows in Edinburgh on a daily basis and we believe that our combination of great service and the best windows on the market, truly makes us stand out from the competition

When you choose replacement windows from Advanced, you will see a dramatic improvement in your home’s aesthetics, both inside and out, not to mention a welcome drop in your monthly energy bills.

No matter what look you are going for we have a product to match, from contemporary tilt and turn windows for modern house extensions to traditional wood effect sash windows for period properties.

Replacement Windows Edinburgh
Replacement Windows Edinburgh

Why choose Advanced for replacement windows?

Edinburgh homeowners have been choosing advanced for their replacement window needs for several decades now, and for good reason.

Created using the latest most sustainable manufacturing techniques at one of Europe’s most advanced extrusion facilities, Advanced leads the market when it comes to double and triple glazed windows.

With our uPVC window frames made from 80% recycled materials, and fitted with incredibly energy efficient double and triple glazed glass, we offer our Edinburgh customers a fantastic range of bespoke future-ready high quality windows.

uPVC Frames

Poorly installed or damaged window frames are a huge flaw in your home’s thermal efficiency and could cost you hundred’s of pounds every year through heat loss alone.

Thousands of homeowners across the Edinburgh area are paying extortionate energy bills that could be reduced massively by installing double or triple glazed windows fitted with a modern uPVC frame.

We go one step further with our window frames, each of which have been carefully designed to prevent heat loss thanks to a market leading multiple internal chamber construction.

These chambers, built into the frame itself, act as a highly effective barrier between your home and the outside world, preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from finding its way inside.

This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to heat your home this winter and reduce your reliance on expensive fossil fuelled home heating.

Installing Advanced windows will prepare you perfectly for whatever the Edinburgh winter may bring and our frames played a major part in our windows being awarded A rated Energy Efficiency by the BRFC.


Each and every one of our double and triple glazed windows is fitted with energy reflecting glass that works by transmitting solar energy into your home whilst reflecting internal heat back into your living space.

This heat retention effect is maximised further by thermo-spacer bars that work to eliminate cold spots close to the edge of the glass and eliminate the risk of condensation.

This technology has allowed us to create some of the most energy efficient windows anywhere in the UK.

Energy Efficiency

With energy bills on the rise, keeping your home properly insulated has never been more important.

Whilst installing insulation in your walls and attic is important, you will always be fighting a losing battle with heat loss if you have poorly installed or poorly performing windows.

It is estimated that a massive 20% of all the heat lost from domestic homes in Scotland comes directly as a result of this.

Given just how important windows are to your current and future financial situation, choosing new windows that are highly energy efficient really is a must.

No-one understands this better than we do, and we have worked incredibly hard to develop a range of triple and double glazed windows that offer some of the most impressive energy efficiency ratings anywhere in the country.

Every single year, customers across Edinburgh feel the benefit of this development, seeing hundreds of pounds drop off their energy bills immediately after installation.

In fact, estimates suggest a saving of as much as 40% on annual heating bills once you have had your doors and windows replaced by one of your expert fitters.

The lower the u-value of a window the most energy efficient it is, and we have some of the lowest on the market.

Our standard double glazing alone is A-rated for energy efficiency, achieving an excellent u-value of just 1.4 W/m2K.

This number can be reduced even further to 1.2 W/m2K by utilising Soft Coat Xtra and Argon Gas, and to a remarkable 0.8 W/m2K should you opt for one of our triple glazed units.


The safety of your loved ones is at the forefront of your mind at all times, and security features are an essential factor when choosing the right windows and doors for your home.

If you are currently living with single glazed windows, not only will you face dramatically higher energy bills come wintertime but you are also exposed when it comes to security, and upgrading to double or triple glazing is the most important home improvement you can make.

This simple upgrade alone is a major improvement to your home’s protection against intruders, adding an extra barrier between you and the outside world and making gaining access much more difficult.

This is only the start of the security upgrades offered by Advanced windows, however.

All our window units come equipped with a high performance multi-point locking system, fully welded robust frames, strong hinges, and quality handles.

All the glass used is also internally glazed so that the protective beading cannot be removed from outside the property.

To ensure that all these fantastic features will last the test of time, all the hardware components in the unit are salt spray testing for 600 hours before being approved for production (3x longer than the industry standard).

If you have any specific security requirements, please get in touch as we offer several bespoke options including toughened, reinforced, and laminated glass.

Key Features


We take extreme care when developing and installing all our products, ensuring maximum performance for decades to come.

Each and every one of our products comes with our industry leading exclusive 15-year guarantee.

This not only shows just how confident we are in the quality of our products but also gives you peace of mind that if anything does go wrong it will be fixed in a trice at no cost to you.


Multi-chambers built into the uPVC frames of our double glazed windows work to prevent heat transfer from inside to outside, retaining heat and helping you to keep your home at the perfect temperature all year long.

Energy Performance

All our casement windows are ‘A rated’ for energy performance, thanks to our thermal space bars, heat reflecting glass, and other industry leading features.

Concealed Gaskets

All the glazing gaskets on our windows are contained within the frame itself.

This helps to maximise the visible glazing area of the window and ensures that your view is not disturbed by unsightly gasket rubber.

Positive Drainage

Inbuilt drainage channels within our window frames ensure that they remain fully sealed and watertight at all times.

This means that your new uPVC replacement windows will thrive no matter what the notorious Edinburgh weather can throw at them.

This will be a welcome relief if you are currently dealing with leaking as a result of damaged older windows or rotting timber windows.

Window Types

When we say we have windows for everyone we mean it, with a huge range of different styles and designs to suit all aesthetic tastes.
Some of our most popular window types include:

Casement Windows

Hinged either from the side or from the top, casement windows are a timeless classic that looks set to remain popular for many years to come.

This is no surprise given the unrivalled versatility they offer and the fact that these are some of the most energy efficient windows on the market.

Casement windows are available with both double and triple glazed glass for maximum security, insulation, and durability.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows offer a modern twist on the traditional casement window design.

The innovative hinge system fitted to all tilt and turn windows allows you the additional flexibility of being able to open them from either the top or the side, depending on whatever you require at any given time.

For maximum ventilation, and weather resistance, choose to ’tilt’ your window inwards, or, should you choose, ‘turn’ it up to 90 degrees inwards from the side.

When fully open in the ‘turn’ position, these windows can be used as a viable escape route in the event of a fire.

French Windows

In a similar manner to french doors, french windows feature two separate openings each hinged to one side of the frame that can be opened either separately or together.

French windows are both practical and incredibly stylish, dramatically increasing the curb value of your home.

With both windows open, French windows can also be used as a fire escape option if required.

Top Hung Windows

Top hung windows, as you may have guessed, are hinged from the top of the window frame, opening outwards from the bottom.

They are designed in a similar manner to casement or tilt and turn windows with the location of the hinge being the biggest difference.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing a top hung window is that they are far better at keeping out rain than other designs due to the angle of the window at impact.

In Edinburgh, this is no bad thing, allowing you to keep your home well ventilated even during periods of bad weather.

Sash windows

Sliding sash windows are found on many older properties in the Edinburgh area.

No matter whether you live in a stately home or a terraced house, we have a style that will complement the aesthetic perfectly.

Our uPVC windows are carefully designed to retain the elegant proportions of the traditional sash windows that give your property so much character whilst still offering all the energy efficiency and security benefits of modern technology.

All our double glazed sash windows conform to heritage requirements meaning that they are ideal for conservation projects and restorations.


Sustainability is one of our core values here at Advanced, and we are fully committed to responsibly meeting the requirements of the current climate emergency.

We have developed our manufacturing process with this in mind, tailoring each part of the process to reduce waste without once compromising on quality or performance.

Recycled materials

As much as 80% of all the materials used in our fantastic uPVC frames are recycled.

Carbon footprint

To limit our environmental impact as much as possible we process the vast majority of the waste we produce at a recycling facility rather than sending it to the landfill.

We also continue to do all we can to help our clients reduce their own carbon footprints along with their energy bills by finding innovative ways to reduce the ‘u-values’ of our windows.

Our multi-chamber frames and the thermo-spacer bars alone have the potential to reduce the frame carbon emissions in your home by as much as 70%.

Are Replacement Windows Worth It?

Our double glazed windows start from just £395 with triple glazed units starting from just £495.

With a 15-year guarantee and an expected lifespan of anywhere from 25-35 years, the initial investment of installing double glazing will pay for itself many times over the years to come in the form of reduced energy bills, a lower chance of water damage as a result of leaks, and even by increasing the value of your property should you wish to sell.

The main reason for upgrading to double or triple glazing for many is to increase the thermal efficiency of their home and reduce energy usage.

It is easy to see why, with the Energy Saving Trust finding that installing double glazing in a single glazed semi-detached home with gas heating could see savings of as much as £115 per year and a reduced carbon dioxide output of over 400kg.

This research is recent, but with the current energy crisis seeing prices soar like never before, savings are likely to be even greater in the years to come and there has never been a more important time to future proof your home.

Should you wish to sell your property in the future, double glazing is an important asset to have as most buyers will look for this in a property and will be willing to pay slightly more as a result.

It is estimated that replacing single glazing with double glazing could, in fact, increase property value by as much as 10%, making installation one of the single most financially sound investments you can make

Get in Touch

If you live in Edinburgh or the surrounding area and are looking to have your old windows replaced with the latest double or triple glazing, contact The Advanced Group today.

Whatever window style you are looking for from bay windows to patio doors, we have a window frame to suit everyone.

This range, combined with our industry leading energy reflecting glass and advanced secondary glazing techniques, means that our range of products really is second to none.

Not only are our cost-effective products of the highest quality, but so too is our customer service, with our highly trained professional team of expert installers putting you first all the way from initial contact to the final installation and aftercare.

We also offer an incredible 15-year guarantee, so that if for any reason there is an issue, no matter how small, or you are not completely satisfied with the finished result, we will resolve it for you completely free of charge.

For more information on any of our cost double glazing Edinburgh glass products, or to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to triple glazing, contact our expert team now on 0141 473 4141 and we will be absolutely delighted to help.

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