Triple Glazing: is it worth?

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Triple Glazing: is it worth?

Triple Glazing: is it worth?

Single Glazing - Are You Loosing Money?When most people think of windowpanes, double-glazing is the first that comes to mind. The next thought is that double glazing is more energy efficient than one pane of glass. This is true. However, with energy costs climbing, we’ve reached a moment where double glazing is no longer enough. Is this the arrival of energy-efficient Triple Glazing in Scotland?

Triple Glazing: is it better than double glazing?

The distinction between single, double and triple glazing is in the window if the number of panes of glass. No prizes for guessing that one, then!

Nevertheless, other aspects determine a windowpane’s performance levels. Window performance is uValue rated. The higher this value is, the less energy efficient the window is.

Double glazing has a lesser uValue than single glazing. However, as I’m sure you can imagine, the uValue lowers again when you add another pane of glass.

Of course, a lot depends upon the caliber of the window, along with the glazing used, but the highest achievable uValue for a window with three panes is around 0.65. And the Government states that all windows should have a minimum value of 1.6. Yet, at Advanced, our windows have a 0.8 uValue, making them twice as efficient.

Triple Glazing: the benefits

Double-glazing provides far better insulation than single glazing. It can be an energy-efficient method to upgrade single-glazed windows.

The reasoning still applies with three panes, triple-glazing provides insulation that is even better than double. Another advantage is the fact that triple glazing reduces noise pollution, enormously.

Many people assume that due to the cost difference between triple glazing and double glazing it isn’t worth upgrading. In some cases, they might be right but remember: that assumption is based on the purchase price you pay for your windows as well as the quality of the product, too.

At Advanced, we believe in the benefits that triple-glazing give over double-glazing. That’s why we offer triple glazing as standard. Call us now to find out more.

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