Triple Glazing the Benefits

triple glazingThere are many Benefits of Triple Glazing expertly designed, assembled and installed for the Scottish climate means there is no doubt that Advanced Triple Glazed Windows and Doors will significantly reduce your energy usage and improve the thermal performance of your house. Why fit double-glazing when you can invest in Triple Glazing and see the benefit

Triple Glazing Advantages:

  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cut out external noise
  • Increase your home security
  • No more shiny plastic windows. The 70+ range is the most natural grained looking window on the market

Triple Glazing The Triple Glazed Unit

Our best triple glazed unit comes with an industry beating 0.7 u value, the best benefit of of choosing this unit.How we obtain this is with a number of high quality parts.

  • The spacer bar that holds the glass apart is made from carbon fibre (the same material used in the space shuttle and in formula one cars) rather than a metal one that conducts the cold thru into the house.
  • All our triple glazing units come with 95% argon gas fill.
  • This gas is denser that air and also slows down heat loss or cold gain.
  • 2 out of the 3 panes of glass are coated in semi-precious metal particles. It’s a fine precious metal coating that acts like a radiator. Storing heat and bouncing it back into the room. The coating has a very slight green/ gold tint to it.
  • The centre pane requires to be toughened as sometimes the heat retention can crack ordinary glass.

Because the 2 inner panes of glass have such good thermal barriers, the outside pane doesn’t get the chance to be heated by escaping heat. This is the greatest of triple glazing benefits and the main reason to invest in such a highly insulated unit as Advanced triple glazing affords you. The only down point Advanced triple glazing is that cold glass outside seldom heats up, and sometimes depending on the time of year attracted condensation. A small price to pay for warm glass inside and vastly improved heating bills. Another great benefit of triple glazing from Advanced Windows is that by significantly reducing your heating costs, the windows will actually pay for themselves.