Why Choose Advanced Group

why choose advanced groupWhy choose advanced group? We are confident that once you have read and digested the information below, you will know why so many people Choose Advanced Group.

The Advanced Group is always pleased to welcome new customers and that is why we work to go above and beyond every step in our journey with you, because with Advanced Group, it is personal. Our service includes the following:

  • A free home survey
  • Advanced Group Flexible payment terms
  • Full installation service with planning permission if necessary
  • An Energy Performance Certificate (if required)

Why choose advanced group Quality of products

Why choose Advanced Group-because we work in conjunction with a number of leading and approved manufacturers of some of the most energy efficient products available on the market place today. We choose to only partner with the best not only for their high quality products but also because of their excellent industry reputation and outstanding customer service. Buying directly in bulk allows us to offer the best product at the best possible price to our customers.

Advanced Group work with an extrusion frame company, Camden Group, who operate a very clever system incorporating the use of recycled uPVC as it does not degrade as a structural product. Camden produces 100% virgin plastic for the exterior window profile, and the strong support structure within is all recycled. They have nearly double the strength of any other window system on the market, which is why Advanced Group have signed a 10 year partnership with Camden group.

Why choose Advanced Group Guaranteed work

Advanced Group have been trading since 1989, providing comprehensive 10 year guarantees. We do not back down from our responsibility with this and continue to offer to replace windows and doors after 9 years service without a cost to the customer. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our products and that is why chose Advanced Group.

Why choose Advanced Group-See the benefits for yourself

Around 9 out of 10 houses that Advanced group visit has double-glazing that is more than 10 years old. In moments our consultant can demonstrate the difference between the heat loss you currently experience and the heat retention our state-of-the-art triple glazing can provide.

If that is not enough as to why choose advanced group Contact us today to set up your free home survey.