Double Glazing For Housing Association Properties

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Double Glazing For Housing Association Properties

Double Glazing For Housing Association Properties

Double GlazingIf you are trying to maintain homes that your housing association is responsible for managing then, you need to think about the windows being used. Have you thought about the benefits of having double glazing installed.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing ensures that the energy performance of any property is as optimal as it can be. Homes need less heating on a cold day, as double glazing keeps the quality of the air inside the house as consistent as possible.

Double glazing is a smart solution; it’s perfect for when you’re trying to market your homes. When potential renters see that you’ve got windows on your properties that are designed to be energy efficient, and as sturdy and protective as possible, they’ll be easier to rent out.

Best of all, the Advanced Group can help you get the most out of your glazing solutions. You can contact the Advanced Group today to get a series of windows installed around any property that you hold. These windows are made with separate panels that work in their own way to keep the air in your properties in check so you will not have to worry about heat loss.

How is double glazing fitted?

The Advanced Group install double glazing by:

  1. A Pilkington Optiwhite glass panel will be mounted on the outside of the window. This type of glass allows the sun’s energy to move through it.
  2. A low-emissivity glass is then added on the inside. This will reflect the energy inside the house back into the house, thus ensuring that the heat generated within the room will not be lost. As a result, the property’s heating costs will decline substantially.

This two-step process will use a small amount of space in between each panel of glass. This design will create a more consistent look throughout the property.

Why Use Double Glazing?

There are many good points to explore when it comes to installing double glazing in the properties that are run by your housing association:

  • The ability to keep your warm air inside your houses is critical as it will ensure that your properties will not suffer from too much heat loss.
  • The risk of condensation on the inside of the windows will be eliminated. There’s no need to get window frames entirely replaced.
  • It will create a seamless look in the property

If you are looking to add replacement double glazing for your housing association’s properties, contact the Advanced Group now.

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