Double Glazed Windows: the top 3 styles

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Double Glazed Windows: the top 3 styles

Double Glazed Windows: the top 3 styles

Ok, you know that you need new windows. You can’t go through another Scottish winter with single glazing. Another year of hugging a hot water bottle is not an option.

Double Glazed Windows

So, you’ve spoken to friends, and they’ve told how affordable and easy getting double glazed windows installed in their home was. They also said that since having their new double glazing fitted, not only have they saved money, but their home is warmer, too.

Double glazed windows are energy efficient? Wow! You know what this means, right? No. More. Hot water bottles. You are going to be ready for winter, and you’re going to save money on your heating bills, as well.

That’s why you’ve made a decision, that by the end of this month, double glazed windows are going to be fitted in your house, too. Fact. However, did you know that double glazing comes in a range of different styles?

You’ve spent years getting your home to look the way you like. Your cushions complement the colour of your curtains. Your rug reflects the rustic shade of your feature wall. So, why would you not want to pick a style of window that mirrors the look of your home?

Well, with the Advanced Group you can; we provide lots of different types of windows. What are they? Right then, let’s open the winners envelope and find out. Ok, in no particular order, here are the top 3 styles of double glazed windows that the Advanced Group provide.

Double Glazing Windows: Style 1. Casement Windows

Secure, energy efficient and stylish, Casement Windows accentuate the look of any home – traditional or modern.

They are attached to a frame with hinges, either at the top or the side, and come in a range of colours and materials: aluminium, timber or uPVC.

Sounds great, right? Well, so does our next style of window.

Double Glazing Windows: Style 2. Tilt & Turn Windows

These energy efficient uPVC windows are easy to clean and easy on the eye, too.

Not only do they make your home more secure, but by turning the handle 90 degrees and opening the windows inwards, they also provide great ventilation by letting fresh air circulate freely around your home.

Imagine it: the kids are out and you’re sitting on your couch with the windows tilted open, sipping a nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio, savouring the sweet smell of the summer rain. Ahh, bliss.

You feel better now, don’t you? Ok, well let’s keep the happy feelings keep coming when we look at our next style of double glazed windows.

Double Glazing window styles no.3 – French Windows

French windows let natural light flood into your rooms. And, a bright room makes everyone who spends time in it feel happier. Even your grumpy teenage son.

Robust and easy to maintain, these classic looking double glazed windows can be combined with side panels or demi panel to create a unique look for your home.

On top of that, they also provide low mobility access and secure locking.

Outward or inward opening these windows come in different colours and finishes: uPVC, Softwood, Solid Oak and Oak Veneer.

Double Glazed Windows: the next step.

Ok, it’s decision time: what style will you go for?

We’ll, here at the Advanced group we can help you; we provide FREE advice and FREE quotations for any of the above double glazed windows and a whole lot more.

So, put your hot water bottle in the bin, pick up the phone and call us on one of the numbers below right now.

Alternatively, fill in the form at the top of the page, and we’ll be in touch ASAP. We love transforming homes with our double glazed windows.

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