Double Glazing: Four signs that your existing windows need replacing

Double GlazingWhen is the right time to replace your existing double glazing windows? In this blog, we will look at some of the telltale signs.

Four signs that your double glazing needs replacing are:

  1. Water leaking through the frame;
  2. You find condensation between the panes;
  3. Cracks or chips in the glass;
  4. Draughts are flowing through the frames.

The first sign that your double glazing needs replacing: Leaks

If water us leaking in through your frame, the window’s weather seal may have failed. If it is not the seal, the drainage section might be blocked.

If you have had your double glazed windows for a long time, they will be out of date, we would recommend that you upgrade your current windows.

The second sign that your double glazing needs replacing: Condensation

The technical definition of condensation is:

The process that gas or vapour transforms into a liquid. If an object’s temperature, like glass, drops under the ‘dew point’ temperature of the surrounding air’s given relative humidity, water vapour from the air condenses into droplets of water on its surface.

The ‘dew point’ changes according to the volume of water in the air ( humidity). In muggy conditions, condensation happens at higher temperatures. In colder environments, condensation occurs even though there is low humidity present in the atmosphere.

If condensation has formed between the two panes of glass on your double glazed window, you have a major problem.

Condensation indicates that the seal that surrounds the two panes of glass has sprung a leak. In turn, this means that the gas cavity between the window panes is not sealed.

If this has happened, then you must replace your existing double glazing straight away.

The third sign that your double glazing needs replacing: Cracks or chips in the glass

If your double glazed glass window is cracked, chipped or broken, then replacing the glass isthe only option.

If you don’t, you could end up with condensation, a leak or a draught.

The fourth sign that your double glazing needs replacing: Draughts

If you have noticed a draught coming through your windows, it indicates that the seal has broken down.

If you feel draughts flow between the window frame and the brickwork, this means that the window sealant might have failed.

If this has happened, you’ll need to replace your weather seal. We would recommending upgrading your existing double glazing to a newer, more robust type of double glazed window.

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