Our Recycling Programme

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Our Recycling Programme

Our Recycling Programme

Waste is an increasingly pressing issue, and discarded plastics are filling up our oceans and landfills. At Advanced Group, we really do care about the planet, and in partnership with our partner Camden, we are involved in a state-of-the-art recycling programme to minimise waste.

In this blog, we will outline some of the steps we take to make sure we recycle everything we can.

Recycling PVC

PVC plastic does not degrade, and so we have to be very responsible when it comes to minimising its impact on the environment. When we remove our windows from your home, it begins a journey in an industry-leading process which will ensure it is reused in another window product.

Recycling Pvc

The plastics that are returned to our facility in East Kilbride where they are broken down into their constituent parts. The plastics are gathered and sent off to the Camden’s manufacturing plant in Ireland, our supplier of our quality windows.

Camden Group is a fantastic environmentally-conscious company which have invested several millions of pounds in a cutting-edge recycling system. The process is not as simple as just melting down the plastic and putting it back into moulds.

The plastic is sifted for anything that shouldn’t be there, ground down to a fine powder, with other vital chemicals and materials added to it. We won’t pretend to understand the entire process, so we won’t try and go into any more detail!

What Is the Recycled Plastic Used For?

In order to maintain the flawless finish of our PVC windows, the recycled plastic is used to provide the structural integrity and wall system within the window or door. The plastic inside is vital for providing both insulation and strength.

Many competitors will not put the same effort into the unseen areas of your PVC products. This won’t be immediately obvious from the outside, but it will significantly reduce their lifespan, and the lack of quality will begin to show after a few years, if not sooner.

Camden, however, uses ‘virgin’ plastic to create the outside frame of their products. This ensures that there are no blemishes and they achieve a perfect look.

On the inside, however, they can utilise the recycled plastic. Despite being composed of broken-down windows, it has the strength and integrity to do the job perfectly well.

What Happens to the Non-Plastics?

You may be asking what happens with the components of our windows which are not plastic. The glass, metal, and timber involved in windows still need to be dealt with. At our recycling facility, we deal with the rest too.

Glass: The high-quality glass we utilise is removed from the windows and placed into a large skip. This is then sent off to a bottling plant to be recycled and used in the creation of glass bottles.

Metal: The steel is removed from the window, and all of the components are dealt with accordingly.

Timber: Wood used in installation is removed and gathered up in another large skip. This is sent to a large facility nearby in East Kilbride in order to fuel their very significant heating system.

What Happens To The Non-Plastics?

The Importance of Recycling

Recycling PVC windows is not easy. It is costly, but the alternative is entirely unthinkable. Our oceans are full of plastics which is affecting wildlife all over the world and, in many cases, is being ingested by fish that we consume in our diets.

At Advanced Group we appreciate that we are responsible for the products we install and will not shy away from it. Through our fantastic partnership with the equally committed Camden Group, we are able to keep a lot of waste out of the environment.

When we remove our windows or doors from your home, you can be sure that every last component which can be reused will be.

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