How Will Double-Glazing Affect My Energy Bill?

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How Will Double-Glazing Affect My Energy Bill?

How Will Double-Glazing Affect My Energy Bill?

A lack of insulation in our home means that we spend a lot of money on producing heat which quickly escapes our house into the environment. This means that we are just wasting money and a lot of the cost in our energy bill never really benefitted us at all!

Double-glazing can help to offset this and save you a significant amount of money each year which will rapidly make the windows pay for themselves.

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How Much Will Double Glazing Save on My Energy Bill?

There are a number of different factors which will affect just how much money you will save by having double glazing installed. This is because not all houses are the same, and neither is the quality of all window products.

How Much Will Double Glazing Save On My Energy Bill?

Firstly, it depends on what style of home you own. The most energy you will save will be in a detached home, the least in a mid-floor flat. In increasing order, the most money you will save will be:

  • Mid-floor flat
  • Bungalow
  • Mid terrace
  • Semi-detached
  • Detached

The reasons for this are fairly self-explanatory. For example, a detached house is likely to have much more window space which heat can escape through than a mid-floor flat.

Additionally, the quality of the windows installed will have a drastic effect on how much your bill is reduced. Again, this is self-explanatory – windows that are higher quality will do a better job at insulating your home.

At Advanced Group, we make sure that all of our window products are as effective as possible when it comes to providing insulation.

While many other companies have been cutting corners in the double-glazing industry through reducing the amount of plastic in the walls of their windows, an area which is unseen, however, this will significantly reduce their efficiency and can even lead to water ingression.

At the highest end of the scale, in a detached home with A rated windows, you can expect to save anywhere from £120-155 a year.

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Your Bill?

Windows are typically a weak spot when it comes to insulation within your home. Heat will have a much more difficult time making it through properly insulated brick walls, and many people have extensive roof insulation to slow down the heat which rises out of the home. However, the windows can be a challenge.

Around 18% of the heat that is lost from buildings occurs through windows. This means that tackling this area of the property will have a very effective influence on the overall heat retention of the property.

Heat will exit through a single-glazing window at twice the speed that it will go through even standard double-glazing. The quality products and installation that we provide at Advanced Group will perform even more effectively.

What is Triple-Glazing?

Triple-glazing works using the same concept as double-glazing but, as the name suggests, with another layer of inert gas and glass. This provides an extra layer of protection that will make it even more difficult for heat to escape your home.

Pounds Sterling 1 | The Advanced Group Windows

Triple-glazing is seen as being overkill in many countries, but not in a cold country like the UK – especially Scotland. All over the Nordic countries, triple-glazing is being used in building works because of their climate, which is very comparable to ours, demands that extra cushion.

Although triple-glazing will have a relatively less impactful effect on your bill than upgrading from single-glazing, although where you really notice the difference is the comfort, it will add to your home. Sitting next to these windows is considerably warmer.

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Upgrading your windows is one of the most cost-effective and immediately noticeable home improvements that you can make. However, it is vital that you employ the services of a company that you can trust.

At Advanced Group, we have been installing windows throughout Scotland for over 31 years. Furthermore, we have a proud record of fulfilling each and every guarantee that we have made to our customers throughout our history.

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