What is the true cost of not looking after your gutters and downpipes?

If your washing machine wasn’t draining, you’d fix it fast. What about an overflowing sink? You’d race to drain the water. Why not take the same level of care with your guttering? At the first sign of wear and tear, you must ensure you get adequate replacement gutters and downpipes.

Your gutters act like the barrier for your roof. If they become blocked or broken, rain water will not be drained away from your home effectively. This water will start to collect in your gutters and on your roof itself. Unless your gutters are replaced, it will not take much for this water to start seeping into your home and cause massive damage to the structure of your home.

Once you start to notice water leaking from your gutterings or breaks, bulges or weaknesses along the channels, you must act immediately to protect your home from internal damage. If you have already started to notice water marks appearing on your ceilings or damp patches appearing on your internal walls, you must act immediately to limit the spread of damage within your home.

At Advanced we have developed our own roofline system. Advanced’s system ensures that your soffits, fascias, guttering and bargeboards are not only aesthetically pleasing , but also guarantee that they never rot, flake, need repainting or require any type of maintenance!

In fact, you can rest easy and forget all about having to climb up your ladders ever again because just like all of our Advanced products, the roofline system also comes with a 10 year guarantee covering all work and materials.

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