Triple Glazing Windows: time to upgrade?

Triple Glazing WindowsWe all know that double glazing windows have two panes of glass so, I’m sure, it will come as no surprise that triple glazing windows come with three.

Triple Glazing Windows: What’s the benefit of the additional pane?

An extra pane increases energy-efficiency, safety and noise reduction. The fact that double glazed windows are an enhancement over single pane is a no brainer. But is it worth considering upgrading from double glazing to triple glazing? Let’s see.

Triple Glazing Windows v Double Glazed Windows

Having a deeper understanding of double glazing, lets us have a better appreciation of how triple glazing works.

So what is the science behind double glazing?

Double Glazing Windows: how they work

Well, a windows energy efficiency is measured by a ‘u value’. So, the lower the ‘u value’, the better energy efficient the windows have.

Single glazing has a scale of 5; older versions of double glazing have a scale of about 3, whereas up-to-date double glazing have a ‘u value’ of about 1.6.

The improvement in modern double glazed windows is down developments in window making technologies. Over the years, adding things like argon gas, thermal warm edge spacer bars, and low emissive coatings (Low-E) have all helped to reduce the ‘u value’.

Sound good, right? Well, triple glazing reduces it again.

Triple Glazing Windows: how they work

Triple glazing windows are the norm in Scandinavia and most of Europe. Triple glazed windows ‘u value’ is about 0.8: a notable improvement over double glazing.

Many new build homes are fitted with triple glazed windows as standard. 60% more energy efficient than C rated windows; 40% more energy efficient than A rated windows, Triple Glazing Windows are the most practical option in today’s market.

Triple Glazing Windows: the next step

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