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UPVC Doors Glasgow

UPVC Doors Glasgow

Why our uPVC Doors are Perfect for Your Home

Here at the Advanced Group, we put our 31 years of experience into providing you with top of the range uPVC external doors in Glasgow and across all of Scotland. We have hundreds of different doors to choose from in a variety of colours and styles including bright modern doors, contemporary styles and classic woodgrain finishes. Our uPVC double glazed front doors Glasgow team can help you to create your perfect home.

So what exactly is uPVC and why should you choose a door made from it? uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is a lightweight but strong plastic that’s used in construction. The fact that it’s much easier to maintain than wood and holds its strength over time means it’s a brilliant material for both doors and windows. There’s no need to constantly reapply paint and varnish to keep the door waterproof, your uPVC door will stop whatever the weather throws at you! On top of that, uPVC is an excellent insulator, helping to keep heat inside your home and saving you money on your energy bills.

As one of the long-established doors and windows companies in Scotland we’re here to provide you with the highest quality uPVC doors in Glasgow and all across the country. We use our expertise to ensure that you’ll not only receive the best quality door but will also be impressed by the professionalism of the installation. In addition to this, all of our uPVC doors come with a 10 year guarantee, so you can have peace of mind that your new door will stand up to the test of time.


7 Great Reasons to Choose a uPVC Door

Looking for front doors in Glasgow or Scotland? Our quality external uPVC doors offer many benefits over other available options. Whilst other materials can offer their own advantages, there are some fantastic benefits of choosing uPVC for your door including:

  • 1. Avoiding expensive alternatives – Compared to the alternatives such as wood or aluminium, uPVC is the cheaper option. uPVC front doors are less costly not only in the initial price but also in maintenance costs as they are easier to clean and maintain. Alternative options such as wood or aluminium can require more care and maintenance, such as varnish and paint to keep them clean and effective.
  • 2. Feeling more secure in your home – Although not quite as secure as aluminium frames, uPVC doors present a formidable defence against potential intruders due to their strong design and durable nature. Wood frames are more likely to become rotten and warped from weather conditions and this can cause your house to become a target for thieves. In addition to this, uPVC is a great option for increasing fire safety as the material is more fire-resistant than wood.
  • 3. Saving money on your energy bill – uPVC doors provide a brilliant form of insulation against the wet and miserable weather outside. Single glazing and metal or wooden frames can mean you’re wasting a lot of money on heating bills whilst all the warmth escapes, heat will always leave quickly without insulation to stop it. uPVC provides a better option in terms of insulation and also prevents wind or water from entering your home. Don’t let your money go to waste, choose a uPVC door to trap your heat and help ensure that your house stays at a perfect temperature, no matter the weather outside.
  • Fewer disturbances from outside noises – Depending on where you live, outside noise from people and traffic can be a real problem. Double or triple glazed uPVC can help to prevent these distracting sounds from entering your home, keeping traffic noise outside where it belongs. Not only that but you’ll also increase your privacy as noises from inside your home will be less likely to be heard from outside.
  • 5. Choosing the style that’s perfect for you – When picking out a uPVC door you’ll be spoiled for choice as they’re available in a huge range of colours and styles. You can completely customise the look of your home by choosing the colour, shape and type of glazing for your front door. You’ll also be able to pick out features such as door handles coloured glass. Your home should be a reflection of you and your style so being able to choose exactly how your front door looks is a great way to turn your house into a home.
  • 6. Increasing your property value – Whenever you make improvements to your home you can potentially increase its value. Adding a quality uPVC front door with double glazing is an excellent way to raise the value of your property as it comes with so many benefits. If you’re thinking of selling, the front door will be the first thing prospective buyers see and may just help to persuade them.
  • 7. More Eco-friendly than alternatives – uPVC offers a more sustainable option for windows and doors as it doesn’t require wood and can be recycled after use. The process used to make uPVC is also more energy-efficient than alternative materials, meaning you can lower your carbon footprint when choosing to use uPVC doors for your home.


How you can Receive a Free Survey and Quote on our uPVC Doors

Since we began business more than 3 decades ago, here at The Advanced Group we’ve always strived to provide the best products and service in the country and are considered the top Glasgow door company in the market. Our doors supply superb energy efficiency and security to any property. Today we can use our expertise to help you pick the best door for your home and leave you equally impressed by our service. Not only that but we’ll happily arrange a free survey and quote, with no obligation, to see if our uPVC doors are ideal for your home!

To arrange your free survey with a top fitted doors company Glasgow or arrange a free door quote simply get in touch with us, either by calling free on 0800 316 7981 or by filling in the contact form on our website to send us a direct email. We’ll send out our expert surveyors at a convenient time for you and they’ll be able to give you plenty of useful advice on what’s best for you and answer any questions you may have. Once our team have surveyed your home they can give you a quote on how much it would cost to get a new uPVC door fitted.

Once you’re happy with your choice of door and all the options that come with it, our highly professional team will be back out to fit your brand new door! After fitting you’ll be happy to know that all of the uPVC doors in our range are covered by an incredible 10 years warranty. We’re sure you won’t need it but this just means that any problems you might run into later on can be fixed without you paying any additional costs.

With over 70% of our business coming from repeat customers and recommendations, it’s clear to see we put a lot of effort into making sure our customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive. We base our success off of our quality products (from uPVC to Glasgow composite doors), great service, vast experience and affordable prices. So pick up the phone and give us a free call today to find out just how we can help you find the perfect door for your home!

If UPVC Doors are not right for your home, speak to one of our Composite Doors Glasgow Team Members to see if they tick all the boxes you need for your property.

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