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Upvc windows Edinburgh

Upvc windows Edinburgh

The Advanced Group has been supplying the best uPVC products to Edinburgh customers for over 30 years.

We don’t only install the highest quality double glazed windows in the Edinburgh area, we offer high quality customer service and provide independent advice to ensure all you are delighted with the finished result.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and 70% of our business comes from either returning customers or from those who have had our services recommended to them by others.

This guide will answer all your questions about uPVC and the glazing services we offer to all our double glazing Edinburgh customers.

What is uPVC?

uPVC, or un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, is an extremely light plastic building material that is both low-maintenance and very strong.

uPVC has become increasingly popular in home development due to its resistance to water, sunlight, and almost chemicals.

This makes it an ideal material to be used in window frames where heat and UV stabiliser additives are added in order to allow them to retain their colour and strength for decades.

uPVC windows come in a range of different colours and finishes, from a traditional wood effect to more bold and imaginative bright tones.

What are the advantages of uPVC Windows?

uPVC windows have a range of benefits saving you a load of money on energy bills and maintenance, helping reduce your carbon footprint, and making your home a safer place to be.

Just some of the reasons you need to upgrade to double or triple glazed uPVC windows as soon as possible include:

Enhanced security

All of our uPVC double glazed units are designed with security in mind and installing replacement windows in your Edinburgh home is an easy way to improve your safety and peace of mind.

uPVC’s super strong yet ultra-lightweight nature, alongside the advanced locking system and double glazed glass that comes as standard with all our windows, will prevent intruders from accessing your home without significant effort.

Simply having double glazing installed in your home can help deter burglars from targeting your home as they will have to break through an additional layer of glass in comparison to single glazed old windows.

This gives more time for you or a neighbour to become alerted to their presence and call the police, meaning they will likely move on to easier targets.


uPVC is extremely durable and uPVC windows last for between 50-80 years.

They also require very little maintenance and with The Advanced Group’s 15-year guarantee, that comes with all our products, you won’t be facing unexpected repair costs any time soon.

Given the unpredictable climate of Scotland, it is vital that the glass and glazing installed in your Edinburgh home is weather resistant.

uPVC windows do not get damaged by water and air in the same way as traditional materials used in older windows and can withstand extreme conditions with ease meaning their lifespan will not be cut short unexpectedly.

Energy Efficiency

With fuel prices on the rise and making your home more energy efficient more important than ever, installing double or triple glazed new windows, with a uPVC frame, is a fantastic way to minimise heat loss.

The choice of material used in your windows and doors is essential to improving your thermal efficiency.

uPVC is a low conductor of heat meaning that far less warm air will be able to escape your home, or cold air to enter, than with traditional timber windows.
Besides the frame, The Advanced Group’s double glazing is constructed of two high quality glass panels separated by argon gas, which offers far more insulation than single glazing.

If you opt for triple glazed windows you will benefit from a further layer of insulation, and a total of 40mm of air space, maximising your thermal efficiency.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you have been considering upgrading to uPVC but dislike the traditional white finish associated with the material, you need not worry any longer.

Advancements in the manufacturing process and uPVC technology mean that windows can now be produced in a wide range of colours.

The wood grain effect we offer is ideal for those who want to retain the traditional look of their house whilst benefiting from all the money saving and insulation benefits of uPVC but whatever style you are going, we will be able to provide.

Smart Investment

Installing uPVC windows with The Advanced Group is a smart investment for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as mentioned uPVC double glazed units improve the insulation of your home which will result in lower energy bills and have an extremely long lifespan meaning you won’t have to fork out for new windows again any time soon.

Beyond this, having double or triple glazing installed can increase the value of your property as a whole, as many potential buyers would be put off by a property that still had single glazing or will factor in upgrade costs in their offer.

Our uPVC products

At The Advanced Group, we have a wide range of uPVC products suitable for both domestic and commercial clients.

Our selection of fully customisable double and triple glazed windows include:
  • Casement Windows
  • French Windows
  • Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Top-Hung Windows


As well as windows, uPVC makes an excellent material for exterior doors due to its weather resistance and insulation properties.
Therefore, the uPVC products we offer include: Patio doors, bifold doors, and French doors.

Once you have made your selection our whole team will work efficiently to provide a quick and painless installation service of the highest quality.

Contact Us

If you want to upgrade your property’s windows to the latest uPVC Double or Triple glazed windows using an Edinburgh trusted trader then call The Advanced Group today on 0131 370 0444, for expert advice or to arrange a completely free no obligation survey.

Whether you are looking for new domestic windows or a commercial relationship we are primed and ready to deliver the best glazing work anywhere in Scotland.

At The Advanced Group our friendly team are experts in all our uPVC double and triple glazing products and are committed to providing a fast and efficient response, great service, and unrivalled customer care.

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