Window Types

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Window Types

Window Types

Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most common window styles in the UK, and for a good reason.

Casement style windows open using hinges either at the sides or at the top and bottom of the frame.

They are normally opened outwards so that they do not intrude into the living space and flush fit casement windows have a very slim profile.

Unlike sash sliding windows, where at least half the frame space cannot be opened, side hinged casement windows allow you unobstructed views out the entire window space when in the fully open position.

The Advanced Group is one of the UK’s leading installers of casement windows with both double and triple glazed units available.

French Windows

French windows come in the form of two long narrow panels that are hinged to either side of a large frame and open either inwards or outwards.

Unlike casement windows, which have a fixed post between them when installed in pairs, you will get an uninterrupted view when both panes are in the fully open position.

This not only improves your view out but maximises the natural light entering your living space and increases ventilation when the windows are open.

French windows and French doors work on exactly the same principle, with the sole difference being that French doors extend all the way to floor level.

Top Hung Windows

A top hung window is hinged at the top of the frame and opens as the bottom. It is very similar to a traditional casement window in design except for the location of the hinge.

Usually operated using a handle at the bottom, top hung windows are excellent for ventilation purposes and keep out rain much better than most other designs.

Top hung windows from The Advanced Group come in a number of different materials and sizes. They are also available in both double and triple glazing options meaning they provide excellent security, insulation, and durability.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are some of the most versatile windows available in the UK.

They operate on an advanced hinge mechanism that allows them to be opened either fully sideways like a casement window, or tilted from bottom to top, creating a small opening ideal for ventilation purposes.

The tilted option is a fantastic safety feature as you can leave the window open without worrying that someone will fit through the gap.

Unlike most other windows tilt and turn windows open inwards allowing for easy cleaning and increased safety as there is no risk of someone accidentally bumping into it from outside.

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Fife Windows and Doors

Fife Windows and Doors

The Advanced Group have been providing double glazing services to homeowners in Fife for over 35 years.
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