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Loggia Conservatory

Loggia Conservatory Inspiration

The union of British building excellence and inspiration from Italy, we have the Loggia Conservatory, which is inspirational. A concept that goes beyond all expectation and redefines conservatories, as we know them. The Italian Renaissance is the key inspiration for the Loggia conservatories. Filippo Brunelleschi, who played a vital role in the Renaissance movement, as the creator of the Duomo, he achieved worldwide recognition. Quite a magnificent feat of engineering, which has affected the vista of Florence, even today. Not only that, he was also credited with important developments in the Loggia conservatory design process, including a gallery which featured a roof or even a room which is open to the air on one side and supported by magnificent columns.

Here at Advanced, we use those same architectural principles and used them as a guide to create a new building that brings together, beautiful aesthetic values and unique engineering that will fit perfectly with any home design in Britain today.

Prepare to see your home in a completely new light…The light of the Loggia Conservatory.

The Loggia Conservatory Prestige is here, see below for more information…

Loggia Conservatory


Most of the buildings from the Renaissance period in Italy have withstood the test of time and the main two reasons for this are: unique ingenuity in design and a focus on the longevity of the structures.

The corner columns of the Loggia conservatory follow the same principles which possesses a core strength which offers increased levels of durability and rigidity.

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Regardless of the design you choose, because of our total commitment to engineering excellence and quality will see your Loggia conservatory last for a very long time:

The columns used in a Loggia conservatory are precision engineered and super-insulated. With a U-value of only 0.15 W/m2 Degree C, these are twice as efficient as any normal insulated cavity wall and is 10 times the effectiveness of traditional window glazing.

The design of the columns permits a seamless integration of doors, masonry elements and side windows.

The Internal construction of the Loggia conservatory is like that of a real room, with a plastered finish as you would find on traditional masonry work.

With vast range available, you can have the exact style of Loggia you want. There is availability of large or small sizes match perfectly with your building. You can also have the option to mix and match in a way that will suit your design choice.

There is a number of places around the perimeter where you can have columns placed – perpendicular to the external corners, at either side of door openings, in-between frames or at the structure of your property.

When the Columns sit next to the existing wall (abutment columns) they have an integrated ‘pocket’ which is hidden, like where a rainwater pipe can be hidden for draining the roof. This is far better than a traditional wall-mounted rainwater pipe, which are rather unsightly to say the least.

You can add more detailing at the base of the Loggia conservatory columns and with a range of options, you can personalise your new space in harmony with your landscaping and paths.

When we build the Loggia conservatory, nothing will be left to chance. On the perpendicular corner columns, we will input your postcode into our state of the art analysis software. This will then calculate if any additional support is needed on a structural level and if so, it adds enhanced support: a) where the column and foundations integrate and b) where there are items such as bi-folding doors integrated into the structure.

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The Loggia full height columns, depending upon the locality will feature additional structural steelwork which is anchored into the foundations ensuring structural integrity and thus being more robust than a traditional conservatory.

Loggia Conservatory Unrivalled Choice

When you’ve decided on a Loggia Conservatory, soon you will be certain you couldn’t have made a better choice. And the choice doesn’t end there.

Advanced Group offer you a vast and unrivalled range of design options. Each of these affords you the ability to put your own personality and stamp on almost every aspect involved. Whether it’s a minimalist look or to maximise the “wow” factor, you have a great opportunity to create an amazing looking Loggia suited to your budget.

You can choose from a colour palette of classic white, pure cream and landmark green to complement your existing colours.

When you add a cornice, it proves to be a stunning option that really adds your particular style to your Loggia. The level of detailing adds presence and height which produces a design of inherent warmth and finesse.

Loggia could also help reduce your heating costs, which in a typical conservatory can soon escalate, especially if you use underfloor heating. Loggia’s integrated radiant heaters (electric panel) will fit seamlessly into the full height of a corner and each provides more than half the heat you will ever  need in winter.

There are number glazing and wall options. You can choose from French or bi-folding doors, window frames which sit on a cill with masonry underneath or full height glazing, affording you design flexibility with frame options of casement style or vertical sliders and double or triple glazed.

Loggia Conservatory Engineering

Regardless of visual preference, we are certain that your Loggia conservatory will more than exceed your expectations.

Combining elements of light and sky corner columns possessing a defined core strength, and the internal walls and ceilings will be plastered, giving you that ‘real room’ feel. Like an extension, but nowhere near the cost.

Ten times more heat escapes through windows than through a Loggia column, because of the highly thermal performance of Loggia is impressive. On a Building Regulation compliant Loggia, your heating costs are reduced by almost two thirds meaning that your Loggia will pay for itself in essence.

Advanced Group Provide the Loggia Conservatory throughout the whole of Scotland. Feel free to browse the images below to show you the absolute quality you can expect from a Loggia in Scotland from the Advanced Group.

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