orangeriesOrangeries offer a different variation on a conservatory. Orangeries are a great way to to extend your home with a conservatory-style light and space. Advanced  offer a diverse range of Orangeries. Their designs have to suit all tastes, How could anyone not like the Livin Room Orangery with it’s panoramic outlook which really invites the outdoors in. The Traditional Orangery as well as the Atrium Orangery are beautify crafted too. We are certain there is an orangery for all tastes and budgets.

Orangeries Roof Design

The traditional orangery roof is designed individually for each and every individual orangery and is a  purpose engineered system. What’s more each project is designed specifically for your post code taking into account of  wind and snow loads typical of  that area. On the outside, an orangery features a flat perimeter on the roof which shows on the inside as a deep ceiling around all four sides which cable runs and other integrated services can be hidden.

An Orangery is perfect for the homeowner that wants a more sophisticated extension. The orangery roof allows light to stream in, whilst the  brick pillars afford the space, a more traditional extension feel, it also makes our orangeries feel totally solid. The increased inside height adds grandeur to this living space.

Orangeries living room

The Livin Room Orangery is the latest addition to our range of Orangeries and the overall home improvement we can offer our customers. Livin Room orangeries offer the best of both worlds, with the light and sky afforded to you from a conservatory but with walls and ceiling typical of a more traditional type of extension.

The Livin Room Orangery truly is a multi-function extension, this offers a peaceful and relaxing space but it is equally as suited to be a family room or a playroom. once again, this uses our beautifully engineered roof at its heart, and a well designed internal framework  will be added, then plastered for the same benefits previously mentioned.

To see if one of our orangeries is ideal for your home contact us The Advanced Group today,by filling out our request a quote form on the website which will be sent direct to us here or by calling us free on 0800 316 7981!