How Our Windows Protect from Burglary

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How Our Windows Protect from Burglary

How Our Windows Protect from Burglary

Windows and doors are a vital feature of our homes and properties. However, they are inherently weaker than a stone or brick wall, which means they offer areas that burglars can exploit in order to gain access.

However, not all glass is created equal, and the quality products that we provide will offer all the benefits and functionality that windows and doors offer while providing a robust defence against any would-be home invaders.

In this article, we will explore why our glass products are so effective, and how it can make the difference between a foiled and successful robbery. For more information on the service we provide, give us a call now on 08000 502 502.

Double vs Single-Glazing Security

Single-glazing is a problem when it comes to security. It presents almost no resistance to home invaders who can just give it a firm whack with their elbow in order to smash it, creating an entranceway inside.

Double-glazing, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. Firstly, it has two layers of strong reinforced glass. Trying to get through this with a blunt or heavy object is quite a challenge, and it will create a series of loud thuds which can alert you or your neighbours to the crime being committed.

Double Vs Single-Glazing Security

Additionally, the layer of gas between each layer creates a valuable cushion. Although with traditional glass the point of impact after a blow will likely crack and shatter due to the pressure being concentrated on it, this isn’t the case with double-glazing.

Instead, the force of the impact will be dispersed across the glass due to this layer of gas ‘cushion’. This makes the glass significantly more resistant to being smashed through, something that burglars will have to cause a lot of noise to overcome.

Can Double-Glazing be Broken?

Given enough time, a burglar will be able to force their way through just about anything. The trick, however, is to make things difficult for them and cause them to make a commotion in order to get inside.

Consider, for example, breaking through a single-glaze panel of glass. By just throwing a brick through they are inside and can quickly run around grabbing valuables before jumping back through the window; your neighbours might not even ignore it.

With double-glazing, the brick might smash the first window creating a shattering sound. However, the brick will generally have lost so much speed and force that it will fail to penetrate the second. This means the burglar will have to try again, creating another thud and smashing sound.

By this point, they will have created a significant commotion. If they don’t choose to abandon your home altogether, a neighbour may well have alerted the police.

What About Triple-Glazing?

Although one of the main features of triple-glazing that people discuss is their energy efficiency, this is true, and their insulating properties are incredibly impressive. However, they also offer real protection in terms of security.

Triple-glazing is incredibly tough, for similar reasons as to why double-glazing is superior to single-glazing. However, it offers an additional layer of both robust glass as well as the crucial layer of cushioning air.

When you are considering an upgrade to your home, consider investing in triple-glazing. Not only will your energy bills be lower, but any burglars are much more likely to try elsewhere.

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Double or triple-glazing is one of the most important upgrades you can make to your home. Not only does it offer significant protection from crime, but it will offer valuable insulation that will reduce your energy bills.

At the Advanced Group, we offer quality products with impressive guarantees that will secure your investment. To get a free quotation, get in touch with us today on 08000 502 502.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and one of our sales representatives will give you a call at the earlier opportunity.

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