What Is a Composite Door?

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What Is a Composite Door?

What Is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are a fantastic and modern addition to any home. By blending a number of technologies in terms of materials and manufacturing, we can create a door which will provide a beautiful and secure entranceway to your home.

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What is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are a modern product which combines many different materials (plastic, metal, wood, and sometimes glass) which allows them to overcome many of the shortcomings of older door designs.

What Is A Composite Door?

What Are the Benefits of Composite Doors?

You might think that the purpose of a door is simple; it opens, and it closes. However, doors play a much more critical role within your home. Modern composite doors have various qualities which allow them to perform each of their major roles to the very highest standard:

Durability – Composite doors are both strong and durable. Firstly, they provide a severe challenge for any burglars who might try and use them to enter your home.

Because they are built from a selection of materials which all perform their own role, the doors are significantly stronger than a simple wooden door. Inside the uPVC plastic, the doors are packed with sturdy hardwoods and galvanised steel, meaning that any attempt to get inside will require a lot of effort, noise, and general disruption – if they succeed at all.

Additionally, they are much more resistant to weather damage and wear than traditional doors. Rain, wind, and snow will have almost no effect on the door. Moreover, since the plastic is actually dyed and coloured all the way through, it will not begin to show signs of wear as with painted or varnished wood.

Insulation – Doors, like windows, are another critical spot for heat loss within the home. A poorly constructed or traditional wooden door will quickly allow heat to escape even if it is properly sealed off with no gaps, although a tight insulative seal is rare.

Composite doors do not have the same problem. The structure of plastic, wood, metal and important insulative foam provides a fantastic barrier which will stop heat from escaping your home, reducing your energy bill and making for a much more comfortable environment.

Aesthetics – Composite doors provide a number of options that allow you to achieve the perfect look for your home regardless of your individual tastes.

Firstly, many of our composite doors achieve a woodgrain look but are instead made from robust plastic. From a distance, they are entirely indistinguishable, and you will be surprised with just how realistic they look from up-close.

Additionally, you are not limited to ‘natural’ colours. We offer doors with a vast range of colours from bright reds to more subtle deep greens. Our sales advisors will be able to shed more light on the array of products that we offer, so give us a call today.

Finally, while a door can become dirty and tarnished over time, cleaning a composite door is a case of merely giving it a wipe down. With just some warm water and a cloth, you can have it looking absolutely brand new in a matter of minutes.

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